Can pregnant women lose face?Expert reminder: Avoid pregnancy within this time after taking botulinum toxic toxin

Botox toxin thin face and wrinkle removal are two popular items, but in real life, we will find that some people will have facial stiffness after finishing these projects, and they cannot do their expression.A star’s face is stiff because of botulinum toxin.In this regard, Professor Jiang Ping, deputy director of the Southern Hospital of Southern Medical University, said: There are many matters that need attention before and after the injection of botulinum toxin. If there is too much injection, the facial rigidity will indeed occur.

Although the injection beauty is a micro plasticine, it does not mean that there is no risk for injection beauty.Injecting botulinum toxin thin face, if the injection position is lighter, the botulinum toxin spreads to the superficial expression muscles affects the laughing muscles, which can easily cause the face asymmetry on the face. This is one of the common side effects., Can’t do the situation.In this regard, Professor Jiang Ping explained in the interview: this is mainly to have a direct relationship with the injection skills, especially the injection volume of botulinum toxin.

"Botox toxin itself has a certain toxicity. The more injection, the stronger the effect, but the more muscle paralysis and paralysis on the face, the more stiffness, unnatural smiles, and inadequate expression of the face.Botox toxin injection caused by too much adverse performance. "

When this happens, Professor Jiang Ping reminds everyone not to worry too much. The effect of botulinum toxin is reversible. Generally, it will naturally recover naturally for two to three months, and there is no need to do special treatment.To effectively avoid the emergence of this situation, choose a professional and proficient doctor to accurately master the skills, methods and dosage of botulinum toxin injection.

Professor Jiang Ping, Deputy Director of Plastic Surgery Department of Southern Medical University Southern Hospital

Of course, the adverse reaction of botulinum toxin is in addition to having strict requirements on doctors, and sometimes it is also related to the situation of the beauty seekers themselves.Professor Jiang Ping said that healthy skin is one of the conditions for botulinum toxin injection. In the case of acne, infection, or ulceration, the skin is not recommended to perform injection operations, otherwise it will easily increase the probability of infection.In addition, severe muscle weakness (manifestations of partial or systemic skeletal muscles weakness and fatigue, worse symptoms after activity, reduced symptoms after rest) are the contraindications of botulinum toxin injection.

Many people are also paying attention to whether pregnant women can inject botulinum toxin. Professor Jiang Ping said that in medical research so far, no injection of botulinum toxin will have an impact on pregnant women, but women are more special during pregnancy.Toxin; for safety reasons, avoid pregnancy within half a year after injection of botulinum toxins.

In addition to some precautions before surgery, after injection of botulinum toxins, it is not once and for all. Whether it is thin face or wrinkle removal, the maintenance effect of botulinum toxin is generally about 3-6 months, and it will "return to the original shape" as soon as it comes.Therefore, botulinum toxin needs to be injected multiple times.

After the injection, the botulinum toxin. In order to maintain a good beauty effect, Professor Jiang Ping reminded everyone that do not massage and rub the injection site."Massage can cause the diffusion of botulinum toxin, which is scattered in medical students, that is, spread to places that should not be. Common botulinum toxins injected in the eyebrows, such as massage, can diffuse to the deep part, affect the impact.Eye muscles (the muscles opened by the eyes) cause the eyes to be unable to open. "

In the end, Professor Jiang Ping suggested that you choose a legal institution, an experienced doctor, and a qualified product to inject the botulinum toxin. If you want to obtain the ideal beauty effect, you need to inform your doctor your own needs according to your own conditions.The design and operation through the comprehensive evaluation of the doctor.

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Jiang Ping, deputy director, chief physician, associate professor, deputy director, chief physician, and associate professor at Southern Medical University.

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