Can pregnant women make up?

If you have energy and time, of course, you can make light makeup!

Women during pregnancy are often facing the sky.Many pregnant mothers have the idea of makeup during pregnancy, but they will be scared by the words of "pregnancy and makeup that will cause children to teratogen."

Occasionally in a video, a video released by a doctor, she said: Don’t say that pregnant women cannot make up. In fact, as long as the right product is selected, the pregnant mother can be beautiful.But pregnant mothers need to remember that cosmetics containing the following five ingredients, don’t touch it.

The first category: Vitamin A Product: Vitamin A -dimensional A ester, vitamin A, do not use it. These acne ingredients will cause malformations to the baby.Therefore, we must avoid contacting these products from the time of pregnancy.

The second category: salicylic acid: Although it can remove acne, it is very unfavorable to the baby, so it is not recommended to use during pregnancy.

The third category: diezone-3, this is a chemical sunscreen, which cannot be used after pregnancy.

The fourth category: phenylphenol is also a hydrogen: it has the effect of whitening and freckle, but it cannot be used during pregnancy.

The fifth category: phthalate, especially nail polish, perfume, and hair dye is relatively high, and must be far away.

Based on the suggestions of other professionals, we can conclude that all functional skin care products such as anti -acne, whitening, and acne removing can be avoided as much as possible.During pregnancy, you must learn to see the choice of ingredients.Natural moisturizing skin care products are the best.

Li: Yes, it is easier to grow chloasma due to progesterone during pregnancy. It is recommended to take sunscreen during pregnancy. Choose physical sunscreen with estrogen. Estrogen may affect the normal development of the fetus and cause the risk of teratogenic.Breastfeeding should be disabled.

乳: As a breastfeeding mother, share it properly, lipstick is essential any time, let you become hot mom in one second, lipstick is like clothes, and you will always feel that one less piece is one less.

Li: Yeah, it is not recommended to apply heavy makeup during pregnancy, but the basic skin care and light makeup is still necessary. The mother is happy and the baby will be happier.

Why can we light makeup during pregnancy?

Because cosmetics only act on the stratum corneum, and human skin mainly has three layers:

Epidermal layer, including keratin and base layer;

The dermis layer, including the nipple layer and mesh layer;

Subcutaneous tissue layer;

The excessive ingredients contained in daily cosmetics will be absorbed only when they reach the dermis.As the outer layer of the epidermis, the stratum corneum can effectively protect the subcutaneous tissue from infection, eliminating the damage caused by chemical composition and external forces. Therefore, the cosmetics ingredients are directly blocked as foreign objects.At the same time, the metabolic cycle of the skin is 28 days. Generally, makeup removal will be removed on the day of makeup, so that the excessive components in the cosmetics are removed before being absorbed, and the possibility of being absorbed by the human body is very small.In addition, the most important role of the stratum corneum is to absorb moisture, metabolism, and the outermost cells automatically fall off. The grassroots cells located in the lower layer will be pushed up to form a new stratum corneum.

Therefore, we can make light makeup during pregnancy.

Pregnant women need to pay attention to makeup:

1. Do not make makeup without makeup, do not melt heavy makeup.If pregnant women use fake and cheap products, they may affect the health of their or baby baby.

2. Do not frequently make up, so as not to accumulate chemicals in cosmetics.

3. Based on personal reality, rest preferred.

Sand: There is no like me.After the month, it was exhausted twice.Makeup is impossible.Skin care depends on the mood.Getting up depends on perseverance.Sleeping through the courage.

Wish: I have tortured me to death … Don’t say makeup, there is no mood for skin care, all day in bed, only on the way when you want to vomit and want to go to the bathroom.

Conclusion: You can make up during pregnancy, but you must find out the ingredients of cosmetics before use to determine that it is harmless to pregnant women.Therefore, we must not just listen to preparations that pregnant women are available, and we must carefully confirm the ingredients by themselves.

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