Can pregnant women’s toothache really can only carry hard?Reminder: Whether you can see the dentist, you have to see 3 reasons

As the saying goes, toothache is not sick, and it hurts.

Many people have experienced the feeling of toothache, which makes people restless and suffer.

Usually toothache, it must be treated in time, but how can pregnant pregnant women’s toothache be better?After all, pregnant women have a high probability that they are rejected by dentists.

During pregnancy, because of the changes in hormone levels in women and the dietary habits of pregnant women, they will also cause a series of oral problems.

Because in a special period, pregnant women have a certain risk of teeth, but toothache is unbearable for ordinary people, let alone pregnant women?

When the teeth have severe pain, it has a certain impact on the health of pregnant women and fetuses.

But pregnant women can only carry hard toothache?

Not necessarily, it depends on where the toothache of the pregnant woman is up.Different symptoms, different measures.

Common toothache diseases in pregnant women:

First, gingivitis

If gingivitis occurs during pregnancy, it is because the level of estrogen and progesterone in the blood rises, the gums are congested, the gums will become swollen, and the gums between the teeth will appear purple -red and protrusions.It is prone to bleeding as soon as you touch.

In addition, it may also be accompanied by symptoms such as loose teeth, gum congestion, and gum bleeding during brushing.

Treatment method: The effect of rinse the mouth of gingivitis with salt water is not bad. Add half a spoonful of salt to warm water. After stirring evenly, it is in your mouth. Stay for one minute and then spit out., Element the pain of gingivitis.

In addition, when brushing your teeth, use a soft toothbrush to avoid getting more painful when you touch the inflammatory red and swollen place. Each brush should be guaranteed for at least three minutes, and you should not be too hard when brushing your teeth.

Second, tooth decay

Tooth decay is one of the most common causes of toothache. Tooth decay can cause dental tissue defects. The lighter tooth decay can only be in the enamel layer. It is not easy to cause pain, or the pain is not serious.

If the tooth decay is severe and the defect is shallow or deep in the dental nature, the pain will be obvious. The pain is unbearable when it is cold and hot, sweet and sour stimulation.

Pregnant women’s diet during pregnancy is not regular. Sweet and acidic foods can easily cause pain in tooth decay and easily wear teeth.

In addition, the increased saliva secretion of pregnant women can cause the mouth to be acidic, and it is also easy to cause tooth decay pain.

Treatment method: The best way to do tooth decay pain is to remove caries and then replenish your teeth.

However, due to the special period of pregnancy, it is not suitable for replenishment, so it is recommended to eat less food that is not good for teeth, eat normally, keep oral hygiene, and pay attention to supplementing calcium substances.

Third, wisdom teeth

Wisdom tooth pain is mainly peripheral inflammation caused by bacteria and food residues around the wisdom tooth.

The pain is strong, the gum tissue has redness and swelling, and the pain is when swallowing. It is restricted when opened, and the cheeks have swelling.

Treatment method: Due to the incorrect growth position of the wisdom tooth, it is easy for food and cleaning, so it is often inflamed, and tooth extraction is a solution to once and for all.

Pregnant women cannot be extracted during pregnancy, and they can also use the method of wisdom tooth to rinse to further control inflammation.

Be sure to see the dentist when preparing for pregnancy

Many people know that preparing for pregnancy is necessary to do pre -pregnancy examination, eat folic acid early, and pay attention to diet and schedule. It is precisely that many people do not know that they need to see dentists when preparing for pregnancy.

The hormones are unstable during pregnancy, which can easily cause oral problems such as gums of congestion, swelling and pain, brushing bleeding, and gingival tumors. These problems are tricky for pregnant women. Thereforesolve.

Usually, it can only cure the standards and not the essence, and many pregnant women are carrying their lives.

If you plan to prepare for pregnancy, check the mouth 6 months earlier.

Many oral diseases are very troublesome to treat them, and they may be treated with intermittent treatment. Therefore, the time for doctors to be treated with doctors can solve the existing or potential oral problems as soon as possible, and avoid pregnancy to affect the fetus and pregnant women.

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