Can rumors, can also be nail during breastfeeding?Studies have found that children may be infertility after adulthood

Introduction: We are a woman first, a mother, and after being a mother, it is still a woman, and women love beauty is natural.Being a mother is still in the United States.

"Women are pleasing to themselves." Many novice mothers may be very free to live before pregnancy.Especially the stars, before pregnancy, they all changed a variety of shapes for themselves to shoot or be beautiful.

Zhang Ziyi, as an international superstar, is naturally not concerned about the attention of her children.Recently, Zhang Ziyi shared a full moon photo on Weibo because of her second child.A baby’s little foot was revealed in the photo. With a copy, you can see that the child’s mother is full of love for her.

However, in the comments, there were careful netizens found a problem. In the photo, Zhang Ziyi’s hands made nails. It is estimated that 2020 was written, and her baby was born in 2020.It’s all the time, it seems that there have been nails without confinement.

Zhang Ziyi also posted a post on Weibo and was breastfeeding.

At this time, some netizens started discussions and asked many novice mothers questions. Can you be a nail when you confine?

ICRT International Consumer Research and Test Organization conducted a comparative test of nail oil and tested the safety performance of 16 nail polish.The results showed that half of nail polish had hidden safety hazards for endocrine interference.Among the 16 nail polish, one detected a phenyl -dysharite with a detection value of 19.8 μg/g; and the deotenonic acid will interfere with our endocrine, and the lactation mother does not recommend it.

The heavy metal detection in nail oil shows that the overall detection value of the 钡 is high, and the average detection average is 53mg/kg (detection limit 0.5mg/kg)

First, it will cause allergic reactions

Everyone knows that ordinary nail polish will emit a strong smell.It is easy to cause the child’s breathing to be stimulated.The chemicals contained in it are also a kind of stimulus for mothers, and their fingers will also be used to eat food. Maybe these harmful substances will also eat in our belly.

Secondly, it is not conducive to children’s health

The harmful substances in nail polish will spread to the air, and the close contact with the child every day can easily lead to affecting the health of the newborn.

Studies have found that if the mother uses some unqualified nail polish during breastfeeding, the chance of infertility after the child grows up will increase.

Therefore, during this special period during confinement, mothers need to hold back even if they love beauty.Dye hair perm and so on. Be very careful not to do it.

1. Bath

The traditional confinement method is that the mother cannot take a bath.However, a series of fatigue experienced by the mother during childbirth is not only physical consumption, but if it is produced during the production, it is still sweaty because of the hard body, and the uterine recovery will continue to be dew up.If you can’t drink so much breast milk, it is easy to have milk spillover.Coupled with the additional body fluid we increase during pregnancy, we will be discharged through the sweat of the mattress, so all the taste of the whole body is really mixed.

If you do n’t take a bath in this case, then these liquids will make an unpleasant smell.Not only affects the mood of the mother, but also allows bacteria to take advantage of it.If the maternal bathing, it can help the maternal blood circulation and qi, eliminate fatigue after childbirth, and improve their mood.The hot bath can also clean the body to avoid the wound from infection due to dirty liquid.

2. Get out of bed as soon as possible and walk more

The old people often say to the mother who confinement: "Don’t move often, sit and recover." In fact, the nurses will be rushed to move around a few hours after delivery in the hospital.After being rushed out of bed, walking may prevent thrombosis.

There is no scientific explanation that pregnant women should not be able to bed for a long time, and proper exercise is necessary.After the birth of a child, the mother is weak, which will lead to the lack of qi and blood. The uterus and various organs will recover. If there is no proper exercise to help, the mother will become weaker.

You can try some healthy exercises such as yoga and walking.

3. Makeup

During confinement, most mothers generally do not need to go out, so do you want to make up?It is recommended that some basic skin care can be used.

But be sure to choose good quality cosmetics, try to choose some pure plants and not too much chemical elements.

If you have to go to work when you are out of confinement, some of them require makeup at work, then it is recommended that some big brands can be selected. It is recommended to wash your face first and face the child cleanly.May touch the mother’s face, and even go to the mother’s face with his mouth.

Jing Mom Parenting: There may be many mothers who want to keep themselves beautiful during confinement, but I hope that mothers will endure for their babies and their bodies!

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