Can skin care products be used during pregnancy?Don’t be too casual, pay attention to ingredients

First of all, you need to know that we usually use cosmetics to contain components such as preservatives, aromatherapy compounds, pigments, etc., which is particularly easy to stimulate the skin and cause allergies.Especially during the special period of pregnancy, the skin of pregnant women should be more ordinary and sensitive. If you continue to use cosmetics at this time, isn’t the chance of allergies higher?So for the baby and for yourself, you can bear some things ~

Although you can use skin care products, you can’t be too casual. When necessary, you should pay more attention to the product composition table to see if there are the following harmful ingredients:

1. Hydrogen

2. Lei Ting-A and Tetthian

3. Vitamin acid and salicylic acid

4. Timir hydroxylcetone

5. Vispollene

6. Diabenate

7, preservatives, flavors, industrial alcohol, pigmentation, mineral oil, etc. If you find that the products you choose contain these ingredients, please immediately add the blacklist.Like allergies, teratogenic, abortion, etc., it is really not scaring!

And the skin care of pregnant women, just do the most basic skin care. If you are still not assured, try to choose products with simple ingredients and no harmful ingredients.

Well, not much nonsense, let’s share with the skin care products that pregnant women can use?

1. Germany Nenfu Skin Skin Care Set

Nenfu, a professional brand of pregnant women in Germany. All its components have undergone international security certification in the United States, so quality and safety is guaranteed.But few people know in China!Its core components of its products are derived from folic acid imported from the Dutch -based edible grade. This talks about folic acid. Specific mothers are no strangers. Pregnant mothers can use it with confidence and benefit the fetus!

The facial cleanser is 45.6%amino acid formula. The surfactant is amino acids, and it is mild and not irritating.The cleaning power is moderate, which can effectively remove excess oil during pregnancy, and it will not hurt the stratum corneum, and it is particularly comfortable.Water milk, except for folic acid.There are also a variety of amino acid surface activity ingredients and sodium hyaluronate, which can effectively replenish the skin to the skin and make the skin moisturize all day.

2. Protyous skin care set

Dear Run, internationally renowned brand, as a expectant mother, dare you say you don’t know?Adhering to the concept of "natural beauty, safe to the heart", it is the first to introduce Japanese soybean milk technology. The first original ecological soy milk skin care products are the first ecological natural plant.The extract of the natural organic soybean and soy milk fermentation liquid, the product is very gentle and safe.

3. Jingqi

Jingqi, an internationally renowned brand of Italy. In addition to natural bird’s nest, its products also contain a variety of plant essences such as wheat germ, millet grass, olive fruit, and no hormones, heavy metals, flavors, alcohol, fluorescent agents are added to the productThose who wait for harmful substances are still very high in the industry, both for pregnancy and lactation can be used!

4. Palmer’s Yaer

Palmer’s Yaer, a skin care brand in the United States, all of the products are refined from natural organic olive oil, VE, avocado (custard fruits) and other raw materials.The use of the clinical clinical use was verified in the use of more than 160 years.Especially for anti -stretch marks, old -age patterns, postpartum slimming and natural organic olive oil series products.

5. Dr.Soins

Dr.Soins, a French native brand, has always been known for French grape seed skin care. It can be said to be an expert in grape seed pregnant women skin care. Each product has been strictly screened.Eliminating the pollution of any harmful substances during the filling, so that every pregnant woman mother can enjoy the healthiest care.

These are the editors who have sorted out so many skin care products in one breath, I wish you a good pregnancy ~

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