Can the "massage during pregnancy" expectant mothers and back pain, can she try to relieve massage?

[Can pregnant women massage]

You can do it under the guidance of a professional doctor.Most expectant mothers during pregnancy will have symptoms of backache and leg pain. If the situation is more serious, under the guidance of a doctor, you can choose an experienced massage master for massage treatment, which is beneficial to eliminate lumbar and back pain.

[What are the dangers of pregnant women in massage]

Although pregnant women can do a laug, be careful to encounter such dangers: 1. Pregnant women cannot have a strong stimulus to the lumbosacral region when making massage, such as using a violent and rude hand push and rubbing method in the lumbosacral region, which can easily cause abortion, which can easily cause miscarriageOr premature birth.2. Pregnant women cannot use plaster when making massage, because most plasters such as musk town pain cream, promoting blood circulation and pain and relieving cream, have the effect of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis. Pregnant women may cause abortion and premature birth.

[Precautions for massage of pregnant women]

The power of the power of massage has different tolerance for pain. When massage, the method should be gentle and flat, the strength should be appropriate, and it is most important to feel comfortable with pregnant women.Excessive force, too strong stimulation effect.Some acupoints are unbearable as long as they press slightly.The local understanding of the application before massage should be clearly understood to avoid damage to important organizations during operation.With the development of the fetus, the abdomen acupoint is best to massage the stimulus, which can be replaced by hot compresses.In addition, do not stimulate sensitive parts that are easy to cause uterine contraction, such as breasts and inner thighs.Acupoints of acupoints: The thumb and index finger are opened, located at the mouth of the tiger. Pressing will promote the secretion of oxytocin, which has oxytoconis, and uses Chinese medicine for painless delivery.Shoulder well: Located on the midpoint of the connecting line of large vertebral and collarbone shoulder peaks.If the stimulus is too strong, it is easy to make people shock, which may be unfavorable to the fetus.During pregnancy, we should avoid pushing Caohe Valley and Shoulder Well.In addition, if the expectant mother has the need for acupuncture treatment of the hospital, be sure to inform the doctor that you are pregnant to avoid the two acupoints.The symptoms are to improve the medical woman in time to improve the treatment of certain discomfort through massage, and when the symptoms are not improved after multiple acupuncture acupoints, it is increasingly serious. It is recommended to stop the massage immediately., To avoid delays.

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