Can the laser really remove hair?These types of people are not suitable for laser hair removal

For girls with "strong hair", wearing skirts is really an embarrassing thing.No matter how good the skirt is, as long as it is accompanied by "one leg hair", the degree of beauty is suddenly reduced.In order to solve this embarrassment, "hair removal methods" such as shaving knives, hair removal cream, etc., of which, laser hair removal is favored.So, is it suitable for laser hair removal?How to care after laser hair removal?

On January 11th, in Beijing, a foreign male tourist walked on the streets of Chang’an.(Gong Wenbao/People’s Picture)

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First, let’s take a look at laser hair removal.Feng Yongqiang, deputy chief physician of the Laser Beauty Center of the Plastic Surgery Hospital of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, introduced in an interview with the Health Times that laser hair removal is mainly based on the principle of selective light thermal effects.In human hair follicles and hair drying, there are usually abundant melanin. When laser treatment, melanin will absorb the energy of the laser and increase the temperature sharply, which will cause the hair follicle tissue to be destroyed.Effect.

Although laser hair removal is effective, not everyone is suitable.Professor Zeng Weihui, a professor at the Dermatology Hospital of the Second Affiliated Hospital of Xi’an Jiaotong University, reminded in an interview with the Health News that pregnant women are not recommended for laser hair removal in non -emergency conditions; for those who have infections in the treatment area or nearby areas, they should receive anti -inflammatory treatment first, and they should first receive anti -inflammatory treatment.Then laser therapy; completely remove the hair removal method of dry drying, such as waxing or pulling out with gardenia, which will reduce the laser hair removal effect. Therefore, if these hair removal methods are used, laser hair removal should be performed at least two weeks;Light sensitivity and previous scarring or hyperplasia of scar formats are not suitable for laser hair removal.

It is worth noting that the care after laser hair removal is also very important. If the care is improper, it may bring unnecessary made the following suggestions to everyone:

1. Do not use cosmetics and skin care products containing fruit acids and A -acid, and a mild skin care formula should be used.

2. Do not use frosted, alcohol, sweat -proof, etc. on the treatment site.

3. When bathing, avoid hot water for the treatment site, and use warm water close to the skin temperature.

4. Pay attention to avoid infection. Try not to swim in the pool or beach.

5. Do not wear tight clothes or stockings to keep the treatment site dry and breathable.

6. Do not make sauna, steam bath, etc.

This article was scientifically controlled by Shi Yan, deputy chief physician and associate professor of the Department of Dermatology and Medicine of the University of Air Force.

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