Can the uterine cavity adhesion be successful?

When it comes to the uterine cavity adhesion, many people may not be too familiar, but when it comes to the flow of people, I think many people know it. Even if there are not a few experiences in this area, yes, the uterine cavity adhesion is common in artificial flow or abortion orNatural abortion curettage.And uterine adhesion is the common distress of many infertile patients, and it is also a common situation of infertility experts!

The manifestation of uterine cavity is widely adhesive of the uterine cavity. Patients are more common in artificial abortion and clearance surgery, and some are caused by other chronic inflammation.Does the uterine cavity adhesion must have infertility? Or is your infertility caused by uterine cavity adhesion?

The uterus is called "the palace of childbirth".

The normal uterus is slightly flat, a slightly flat pear, surrounded by thicker muscles, with cavity gaps in the middle, and the tissue of the cavity surface is covered with endometrium.

When the endometrium is damaged by mechanical injury or inflammation infection, the endometrium is lacking or fibrosis, causing adhesion between the anterior and rear walls of the uterine cavity, and the uterine cavity loses the normal form and forms the uterine cavity adhesion.

The endometrium is a "soil" rooted in fertilized eggs. Sperm and eggs are combined with fertilization to form embryos.

At this time, the endometrium is also actively preparing for the arrival of the embryo; at the same time, the fertilized eggs will be touched with the endometrium at the same time, and the conditions will start to take root. This is the embryo’s bed.Once the uterine cavity adhesion occurs, the lack of endometrium will affect the fertilized eggs "settled" in the uterine cavity, leading to infertility; in addition, the endometrium lacking blood supply and hormone support cannot provide sufficient nutrients for the embryo, resulting in leading to sufficient nutrients, resulting in leading to sufficient nutrients, resulting in leading to sufficient nutrients, resulting in leading to sufficient nutrients, resulting in leading to sufficient nutrients, resulting in leading to sufficient nutrients, resultingThe embryo has failed repeated planting, and the endless pregnancy endings such as embryo stop and abortion.

The relationship between uterine cavity adhesion and successful pregnancy

The main causes of uterine cavity adhesion are damage, such as artificial abortion, the clear palace of the embryo stopping or induction of labor; followed by infection such as the tuberculosis of the uterine cavity.Related research reports: The incidence of uterine cavity adhesion caused by artificial abortion and curettage is as high as 25%to 30%, which is the main reason for decreased menstrual flow and secondary infertility.

The degree of uterine adhesion is also related to infertility, and sometimes it is difficult to predict the occurrence of infertility and abortion.

When a healthy embryo encounters a relatively "good" uterine endometrium, it will find a small piece of remnant oasis and grow up.Therefore, patients with medium -weight uterine adhesion or endometrial scar clinically reported that patients with medium -weight uterine cavity were reported. Of course, this can only be relying on luck.

Under today’s medical conditions, we still cannot accurately calculate the chances of pregnancy and embryo bed, so doctors can be pregnant or 100 % guaranteed to be pregnant!

Diagnosis and treatment of uterine adhesion

The auxiliary examination commonly used in the diagnosis of uterine cavity has ultrasound (recommended three -dimensional ultrasound), uterine fallopian tube angiography and hysteroscopy, and the most authoritative is hysteroscopic examination.Under the hysteroscopic look straight, you can see the parts and scope of the adhesive, and it can also infer the nature and degree of adhesion to provide a basis for estimating the difficulty of surgery and judging the prognosis.

The treatment method for uterine cavity adhesion is divided into uterine cavity adhesion under uterine laparoscopy.For those with medium and severe adhesion, the uterine cavity is inserted into anti -adhesive biomass after separation, which can prevent re -adhesion. It is better to cooperate with other therapies according to the condition!

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