Can the woman get birth before the legal marriage age?How old is the registration of men and women?

Under the circumstances that the woman is pregnant, she can give birth, but because there is no marriage certificate and a quasi -student certificate, the children born can not apply for settlement. In the later periodSocial support costs are settled.

1. Can the woman get birth before the legal marriage age?

Non -wedding and childbirth cannot apply for a permit.It is a fine to report to the child, that is, pay the social support fee.See relevant policies and regulations.If you want to get the place where the mother’s account is located, then pay the fine first. If the child is going to the household registration on the place where the father’s account is now, you must first go to the local account with the mother.In this place, the fine will be paid again.

Because you are illegal childbirth, the birthday of the child must be legally registered for marriage before the two go to the Civil Affairs Bureau, and go to the family planning office to obtain a quasi -birth permit, otherwise it will be illegal.Whether you are accidentally or blind, anyway, if you want to give your child a hukou, you must pass the checkpoint of the family planning office, and you must be fined. Otherwise, the child will be a black hukou for a lifetime.Preventing needles, registration in school in the future is also a problem.

2. Standards for non -marriage children’s support for children

The "husband and wife" party bear the amount of the cost of support and the length of the period, and the two parties agree; when the agreement is not completed, the people’s court will be judged.The standards for the support fees of non -marriage children’s support for children are as follows:

1. If there is a fixed income, the treatment fee can generally be paid at a rate of 20%to 30%of the total monthly income.The proportion of more than two children can increase the proportion, but generally it must not exceed 50 % of the total monthly income."Total income" refers to the total salary, including wages and bonuses.You can apply for a court investigation order to investigate.

2. If there is no fixed income, the amount of the childcare fee can be determined based on the total income or the average income of the same industry in that year, and refer to the above ratio (with a fixed income).The average annual revenue and annual average living expenses determined by the total income or industry average income of the same year are based on the "Reference Standards for Road Traffic Accident Compensation Projects".

3. If there are special circumstances, it can be appropriately increased or reduced.Special inviting funds refer to children’s long -term disease or disability in children.

Non -wedding children’s support for child care and marriage for children are suitable for the same law. Non -married children enjoy the same right to be raised and educated without any discrimination.If a divorce couple does not pay the child’s support fee in accordance with the amount of the agreement, they can file a lawsuit with the court.

What needs to be clear is that if you do not reach the marriage age, you cannot apply for a marriage certificate. Therefore, the two parties do not have a legal relationship. In judicial practice, both men and women should be supported by the children and pay the social care fee.After settlement, if the two parties break up later, then the support for the support is also needed to be paid in accordance with the prescribed standards.

According to the provisions in the Marriage Law, when applying for marriage registration, the man is required to reach 22 years old, and the age of the woman must reach 20 years old.However, in response to Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan residents who apply for marriage registration procedures in the local area, or ethnic minorities, ethnic minorities apply for marriage registration in a minority settlement. At the same time, if the local marriage age also has special regulations, it may not be implemented in accordance with the above regulations.

3. How old is the age of marriage for men and women

Article 5 of the Marriage Law stipulates: "The age of marriage, men must not be 22 years old, and women must not be earlier than 20 years old. Late marriage and late childbearing should be encouraged."The age of marriage stipulated in the law is a necessary condition for marriage, and it cannot be changed by the marriage parties at will.

4. What are the necessary conditions for marriage stipulated in the law

According to the provisions of my country’s marriage law, marriage must meet the following three conditions:

(1) Marriage must be completely voluntary, and no party is allowed to force the other party or interfere with any third party.According to the requirements of this condition, the marriage of men and women must be voluntary, not only one party voluntarily.Ask the two sides to voluntarily exclude one party to force others to get married.Marriage must be voluntary, not parents or anyone willing to be.I ask for my wish to rule out the situation where the third party interfere in marriage.Marriage must be completely willing to be parties, not half -pushing and half, half -willing and half -package instead.The request to be completely voluntarily excluded that the situation where one or both parties barely got married.The implementation of the marriage of men and women must be completely voluntary. It is a concrete manifestation of the principle of freedom of marriage in my country and the primary condition for legal marriage.

(2) Men and women must reach the marriage age.The legal marriage age is calculated based on the age of age without calculating it. No party has reached the legal marriage age and is not allowed to register to get married. It is not allowed to register for marriage.

(3) Marriage must be a combination of men and women with no advocacy between both country’s marriage law stipulates that a monogamous system is implemented.This requires anyone to have only one advocacy, and there should be no two or more matching people at the same time.Therefore, both parties to be married must be in line with a monogamy, not allowed or even destroy the monogamy.There is no puppet here, which refers to no existing husband and wife relationship.For those who have already married, or have been eliminated because of divorce or death because of one party, they have no puppets.The above is the condition that men and women must have at the same time.

The age of marriage is one of the conditions that both sides must have at the same time in the marriage of men and women. If they are reviewed, one of them or the parties have not yet reached the requirements of the legal marriage age.Go through the marriage registration procedures for it.In addition, applying for marriage registration procedures also need to meet other conditions at the same time, otherwise it will not be able to obtain a marriage certificate smoothly in the end.

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