Can uterine fibroids get pregnant? What should I do if I find uterine fibroids in pregnancy?

Many pregnant mothers did not conduct a systematic examination before pregnancy. After checking the ultrasound after pregnancy, I found that there is an uterine fibroids, but it is not scared. In fact, uterine fibroids are the most common reproductive systems of women.One of the tumors, especially between women of childbearing age, is not uncommon for pregnancy to combine uterine fibroids.

Because most of the uterine fibroids do not cause symptoms, many women of childbearing age have not noticed that some of the more serious ones may occur, increased menstruation, dysplasia of the lower abdomen, lower abdomen block or compression of rectum, bladder, one caused by one causedSerial symptoms.

Seeing uterine fibroids during pregnancy, pregnant mothers will definitely worry about whether it will affect the entire pregnancy process and whether it will affect the baby.In general, although pregnancy combined with uterine fibroids is not uncommon, only less than 1%will have more serious complications.

This is not to indicate that pregnant mothers can ignore this "bomb" because uterine fibroids are not static. It may change with the progress of pregnancy. In addition to changes in the position and size of fibroids, fibroids also"Red -like changes" may occur, causing contractions.

Most unless the position of the uterine fibroids is relatively low, it hinders the decline of the fetus and leads to dystocia. Most of the pregnancy can be delivered naturally. However, the risk of postpartum bleeding will beNormally pregnant mother.

Some pregnant mothers may think that they can simply take a cesarean section directly. Just remove the fibroids directly after delivery. In fact, we generally don’t recommend doing this, because during pregnancy, the uterus will increase congestion.Rich, by the way after cesarean section, fibroid resection, which is prone to dangerous situations such as bleeding and weak uterine contraction, so it is not suitable.

In summary, we still have a few suggestions for women:

Some women have detected uterine fibroids before pregnancy, and they want to treat fibroids after pregnancy. In fact, whether before pregnancy or during pregnancy, we should find out uterine fibroids.The size, quantity, location, etc. are considered.

1. If other factors are excluded and judged that it is infertility or repeated abortion caused by uterine fibroids, we recommend that we consider pregnancy after uterine fibroid surgery.

2. If the uterine fibroids are single, greater than 5cm, or multiple hair, the uterus is larger than 10 weeks of pregnancy. We also recommend that you consider pregnancy after uterine fibroids surgery.

3. If the uterine fibroids are located under the slurry membrane, and the quantity is small and small, there is no need to perform surgery before pregnancy.

4. If the red -like changes in uterine fibroids during pregnancy, most of us take conservative treatment.

In general, the pregnancy of uterine fibroids does not require a cesarean section, but also a doctor requires a professional assessment to determine whether the position of the fibroids is too low, which affects the decline of the head and causes difficulty.of.

Expectant mothers should establish confidence, do not have to be too panic, follow up closely and observe closely during pregnancy. If red -like changes occur, such as severe abdominal pain, fever, etc., most of them can be treated in time. Most of them can also pass conservative treatment.Relieve.

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