Can women suffer from hepatitis B and breastfeed?Both aspects of knowledge must be understood

As we all know, hepatitis B virus will spread through maternal and infants. Some patients are afraid that pregnancy will affect the health of the next generation.Essence

Patients with hepatitis B will increase the burden on the liver after pregnancy. During the period of inflammation and the liver function, try not to get pregnant and take contraceptive measures.After the patient disappears after rest and treatment, the liver function can be pregnant for about half a year.Hepatitis B Xiaoyang patients with normal liver function, hepatitis B virus DNA shows negative to get pregnant.However, immunity will be reduced after pregnancy. During pregnancy, you should observe more physical condition and regularly go to the hospital for liver function examination.If the liver function of hepatitis B, hepatitis B and Sanyang cannot be pregnant, because hepatitis B virus will be transmitted to the fetus through the placenta, and it will increase the burden on the liver after pregnancy and even endanger the life of the mother.Patients in the big three Yang need to get pregnant after the liver function and E antigen turn overcast.

1. Choose the correct production method

Although the immunoglobulin is injected, the maternal and baby transmission can be blocked, but try to choose the method of cesarean section.Because the fetus may be scratched during the birth canal, which can cause blood transmission, caesarean section can reduce the possibility of infection.After the child is born, the immunoglobulin and hepatitis B vaccine should be injected in time, so that the hepatitis B virus in the body can be combined in time.Within 12 hours when the child is born, hepatitis B protein should be injected in time, which can reduce the chance of spreading.

2. Master the correct lactation knowledge

After giving birth to a child, the test results of the mother’s hepatitis B virus logo must be determined to determine whether it can be breastfeeding.As long as the E antigen and hepatitis B virus DNA shows negative, breastfeeding can be breastfeed.After the birth of the newborn, one month, and 6 months should accept hepatitis B vaccine.After the birth of the newborn, in addition to the hepatitis B vaccine as specified, the high -efficiency price immunoglobulin should be vaccinated within 24 hours after birth, which can reduce the spread of maternal and baby.

Kind tips

Patients with hepatitis B should consult a doctor before pregnancy. Whether it is a mother or father with hepatitis B virus, the child should be vaccinated in time after birth.Women should maintain a positive and optimistic attitude. Good emotions can promote the blood circulation of the whole body and accelerate the metabolism of the liver. In addition, they must go to the hospital for liver function examination after giving birth.Pregnant women to maintain moderate exercise can enhance immunity.

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