Can women suffer from vaginitis?Why?Mainly reflected in 4 aspects

Clinically, vaginitis is a common gynecological disease of women, including local vulvar vaginal inflammation, such as bacterial vaginitis, mold vaginitis, trichomonas vaginitis, and senile vaginitis. For vaginitis, patients, patientsUsually it is manifested as an increase in leucorrhea, the color changes, and the odor appears, which has a serious impact on women’s vaginal health.

1. Affects the in -vagina environment, which is not conducive to sperm survival

In terms of fertility, the vagina is an important part of the "must pass" of semen.From the vagina to the final combination with the eggs, the fertilized eggs are formed, and then bed to the uterus and develop into embryos.

Under normal circumstances, the internal vaginal environment is weakly alkaline during ovulation, which is conducive to the survival of sperm.However, if it suffers from vaginal inflammation and abnormal secretions, the pH value of the vagina rises, the internal environment tends to be acidic, which is not conducive to the survival of sperm, and reduces the chance of conception.

2. Decrease in sperm activity ability

Vaginitis increases vaginal secretions, increased vaginal secretions containing a large amount of white blood cells, can swallow sperm, consume the energy and substances in sperm, reduce sperm activity, shorten sperm survival time, thereby affecting the chance of conception.

3. Affects sperm penetration or survival rate

When suffering from vaginal inflammation, the secretions have abnormalities, causing the sperm antibody in the vagina, and the antibody antibody will "confront" sperm, which will affect the survival rate, mobility and penetration of sperm, which will affect the conception.The probability.

4. The generated internal toxins can kill sperm

When suffering from vaginal inflammation, internal toxins (LPS) produced by bacteria and viruses can induce macrophages and neutrophils to generate nitric oxide synthesis (NOS) and produce nitric oxide (NO).Nitrogen dioxide as a local cytotoxic factor can kill sperm and inhibit the mobility of sperm.

Therefore, it can be said that suffering from vaginitis will affect pregnancy. In addition, there are many cases that will affect infertility. It is recommended to conduct special examinations in regular hospitals. During abstinence, 3-5 days of examination time is all.In terms of the men’s general examination of semen, the woman checks six hormones, basic metabolic rates, ovarian function, immunological examination, etc.

Before the examination, if you have vaginal inflammation, you need to treat vaginal inflammation to ensure the healthy and safe and safe and safety of the mother and fetus after pregnancy.If not treated in time, it will also endanger other body organs, such as pelvic cavity, cervix, fallopian tube, etc., causing infertility.

In general, vaginitis is not difficulty. After timely and effective treatment, it is pregnant. The key is to discover early, early treatment, to avoid the spread of bacterial infections and cause other gynecological inflammation.Before pregnancy, if you suffer from vaginitis, you will give priority to cure and re -prepare for pregnancy.

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