Can women who have been discontinued, can she still get pregnant?The doctor tells you that yes!

Aunt Xu was 50 years old this year. The granddaughter of the family had just attended school in school. The son -in -law and daughter -in -law added another grandson to him.Although tired, Aunt Xu was also happy. After sending the granddaughter to school this day, Aunt Xu went to find cards to play cards together. After playing for a while, Aunt Xu suddenly felt a little pain in his stomach.At first she didn’t take it seriously, but thought she was cold, so she returned to the toilet at home, but as soon as she sat down, she saw that there was blood on the panties, and Aunt Xu quickly called her husband.

Aunt Xu’s husband made security guards at the door of the community. After receiving the phone, he hurried home and saw that Aunt Xu had a pale face and sat on the ground, and then drove Aunt Xu to the hospital.The son happened to take care of the daughter -in -law who was hospitalized in the hospital. When he heard that his mother had something wrong, he hurried to the ward to visit.

The doctor checked Aunt Xu, and could not judge what caused pain and bleeding in the end. Aunt Xu did not eat bad stomachs, and it was not like appendicitis.Tumor category.Aunt Xu and her husband ran up and down in the hospital for inspection. The belly was shot in the B -ultrasound.

This can be smashed by the old couple.

Old mussels, pregnant!The two felt unbelievable and went to the doctor with the inspection form. After reading the inspection form carefully, the doctor told them that Aunt Xu was indeed pregnant and had been a month.Aunt Xu feels ridiculous. Although there are some communication with her husband everyday, she has been discontinued for almost half a year. She has been menopause. How can she get pregnant?The doctor explained that Aunt Xu may be in the siege period. Although the menstrual period is prolonged, it will occasionally come. Only those menstruation does not come for more than one year, can it be considered a menopause.There is an ovulation during the menstrual period, so there is a low probability that you will get pregnant.

Women’s menopause refers to the dysfunction of women’s ovarian dysfunction, completely stopping reproductive hormones, and the period of stopping after the last menstrual period is more than 12 months.The menstrual period is a period of time before the menopause period. The characteristics of clinical symptoms and endocrine phenomena related to menopause in women have the time to go to menopause, which is equivalent to the menopause transition period, which is about one year.

The level of estrogen in the body during the period of surrounding periods will rise or decrease irregularly. The menstrual cycle may be extended or shortened, and sometimes symptoms similar to menopause, such as facial heat, sudden night sweats, irritability, insomnia, etc.Essence

Due to the decrease in estrogen, the menstrual cycle becomes elusive, and ovulation becomes unpredictable. Due to the decline of ovarian function, the activity of egg cells will also be extremely low. Although it can conceive, the probability is also one in 10,000.

The most typical symptoms of surrounding menstrual periods are hotness and flushing.It is about 45 ~ 55 years old. The symptoms of the symptoms are different and the time is different. The duration is 2-3 years, and a small part has 5-10 years to alleviate it.

The measuring period may lead to the problem of decreased vaginal and bladder of women’s vagina and bladder. When the estrogen decreases, the female vagina will lose elasticity, become dry, and cause sexual intercourse pain.It will also affect the urinary system, cause tissue tension, and cause urinary incontinence.

Not only that, menopause can also lead to a decline in bone density of women, loss of bone internal bone in women, and increasing the risk of female osteoporosis symptoms.It will also cause adverse changes in cholesterol levels and increase risk of cardiac disease.

To relieve the symptoms of menopause period, you need to maintain a good mentality, not to suppress the emotions of the negative face to timely relieve, take time to do what you like to enhance your self -confidence, discover the beauty of the world to enjoy life, actively find things that make yourself happy and happy in your life, get rid of itThe boring brings physiological.


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