Can you contracept if you do n’t take medicine without a cover?Safe contraception is unsafe, in vitro radon difficulty control

Those contraceptives that need to be used by foreign drugs or appliances, which make people feel uncomfortable, so some people hope that they will not use external forces natural contraception, but their contraceptive effect will be discounted.

Natural contraceptive method is a type without any medicine and do not apply medical methods. Instead, it is based on the symptoms and signs and signs of the women’s menstrual cycle, and indirectly determine the ovulation process.Family planning measures for contraception.

The natural contraceptive method is based on the following reproductive physiological theory: only one ovulation occurs in a permanent menstrual cycle; the period that can conceive after the eggs is 24 hours; after the sperm enters the female reproductive tract, if the shelter of good cervical mucus can survive, it can survive under the shelter of the cervical mucus.3-5 days.Therefore, in a permanent menstrual cycle of women, it is only 4-6 days.If you can determine the ovulation day, avoid the same room from 5 days before ovulation until ovulation, you can achieve the purpose of contraception.

In addition to the safe period of contraception, the commonly used natural contraceptive method also includes body temperature measurement method. Women’s body temperature increased slightly after ovulation, about 0.5 degrees Celsius; it can also be based on the periodic changes in the secretion of cervical mucus, with the feeling of women and observed observations.The secretional traits are divided into a drying period in the drying period — humidity -drying period. Among them, the humid period (more leucorrhea) is a period of possible conception, especially the secretions are egg white, clear, transparent, high elasticity, high elasticityOn this day of brushed, it is likely to be ovulation, and at this time, it is the easiest to conceive.Therefore, on this day, 3 days before and after this day, sexual life is strictly prohibited, so that contraceptives can be achieved.

"Although natural contraception is a contraceptive method that does not use any medicine, does not implement medical treatment, and does not affect the quality of sexual life, the safe period of contraceptive method is not really safe."explain.

Women with a regular menstrual cycle can achieve contraception by calculating the safety period.Most women’s menstrual cycle time is 24-32 days, and ovulation occurs on day 12-18.If the eggs fail to fertilize 24 hours after ovulation, the egg cells will lose their own activity on their own.After the sperm is discharged, the eggs can be fertilized within 3 days, but there are also reports that the sperm still retains the essence after one week after sexual life.The so -called "safety period" is actually very short. For women with a menstrual cycle of 28 days, this "safety" time is only about 1 week.And due to changes in climate, diet, emotion, environment, etc., ovulation time will fluctuate, and even additional ovulation will occur.

Therefore, the method of safe contraception is not reliable in the actual operation.The body temperature and mucus of the human body are also affected by the external environment, and they cannot rely on these two methods of contraception.

There is also a contraceptive method that does not use any medicine and does not perform medical methods is the coitus interruptus. It refers to a way that the penis is pulled out when ejaculation is about to occur during sexual life.EssenceIt is often used as a contraceptive method, but this method is unreliable and has certain harm to the body.

The main cause of failure in vitro radio essence is at the moment of ejaculation. If the man cannot draw the penis in time, it will cause some semen to shoot in the vagina, which will cause the woman to get pregnant.Some people think that the failure of the in vitro radio spermistosis is because men will inadvertently flow out before the man ejaculates and enters the woman’s vagina and cause pregnancy.

"Although the use of ejaculation method does not require any cost, but because the success rate is low, users must bear greater risk of pregnancy. Compared with the use of condoms, taking contraceptives, and using contraceptives, the success rate of in vitro radio sperm contraceptives is low."Shen Jian said.

Moreover, if a partner suffers from sex or AIDS, the use of external ejaculation does not prevent infection.Because the virus and bacteria are also transmitted to each other through body fluid and mucosa.

In addition, when the man’s suddenly interrupted sexual intercourse when the man reached the climax, it would cause frustration to the other party and dissatisfied with the partner.Scientists Masters and Johnson believe that frequent use of external ejaculation methods can cause premature ejaculation or impotence.During the sexual intercourse, the penis will have an erection due to sexual excitement. If the sexual intercourse is forcibly suspended at this time, the function of the ejaculation center of the central nervous and waist dice will cause obstacles.

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