Can you drink coffee, is it determined by genes?

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!!! Coffee time is here !!!

Enjoy the coffee time

Happy every day

By Building 4, Building 4, Qingchun Hospital, Shawiyi Fuku Hospital, Zhejiang University

There is a small building

Regardless of the cloudy rain and snow, the flow of people

Warm color light through the glass

Shao Yi coffee is like a spiritual "charging station"

It is a unique existence of the hospital

Hold a cup of coffee coffee in the busy

I won’t be trapped in the EMO in front of me

<China Coffee Culture>

Formation and dissemination

<Why drink coffee>

Can’t be sleepy?

Human activity will release prostate

A adnint is an important member of regulating body sleep

When it is combined with the adenosine receptor in the brain

Will constantly send a trapped signal to the brain

At this time you will feel sleepy

I want to squint anxiously

Caffeine has a similar structure to adenosine

Instead of combining it with adenosine receptor

Not getting a fatigue signal from adenosine transmission

Can only work constantly

With this trick "dove occupy the nest"

Caffeine successfully interfered with sleep-sober

This nerve path

However, caffeine only grabbed the position of adenosine, rather than eliminating adenosine.When the caffeine is metabolized by the human body, the accumulated excessive adenosine will be combined in large quantities to send the brain far exceeding the previous trapped signal, so we will feel more sleepy than before.

The role of coffee is essentially delaying sleepiness, not to eliminate sleepy.If you are too sleepy and tired, it is recommended to go to sleep, and you can use coffee to refresh the gods.


"Seeing people dishes dishes"

I drink coffee insomnia in the afternoon!

Not to mention, I insomnia when I drink!

I’m fine when I drink coffee?Intersection

What caused coffee

Different performances in different people?

The answer is: gene

After caffeine enters the human body

Mainly metabolized by CYP1A2 enzyme

There are two base A C on the CYP1A2 gene

A represents Fast Gene

C represents the slow gene




Fast caffeine metabolism


Caffeine metabolic ability medium


Caffeine metabolism is slower

The body of the fast metabolist can break down caffeine faster, making caffeine less impact on the body. Drinking coffee in appropriate amount can also prevent diseases;

For slow metabolism, caffeine has a greater influence on the body, and is more susceptible to the affected side effects of caffeine, such as insomnia and panic.

A large gene sequencing analysis covering the country shows that less than 40%of the genome of the Chinese is "AA".It means that more than half of the proportion of Chinese people’s metabolism on caffeine is weak.

Literature source: Cell Research (2020) 30: 717–731

A number of studies have found that long -term drinking coffee for slow metabolism may be related to the increased risk of heart disease and hypertension, and it may also be harmful to kidney health.

Can I still drink coffee happily in the future?Intersection

For ordinary people

We can’t know our genetic situation

On the one hand, you need to pay attention to your response to caffeine

At the same time, try not to be coffee "fanatical enthusiasts"

Under normal circumstances:

Healthy adult advice

Drink 1 ~ 3 cups a day

Daily caffeine does not exceed 200 ~ 400mg

Be careful not to add too polysaccharide and milk

Special people need to pay attention to it!

Pregnant women should reduce coffee intake

Don’t exceed 2 cups a day

(Specifically, you can consult the doctor according to your personal situation)

Patients with hypertension

Pay attention to the time of drinking coffee

Try not to get up early in the morning and drink coffee

Avoid blood pressure rapidly

<Shao Yi Coffee Culture>

shaw coffee

Shao Yi Coffee

The coffee brand founded by Zhejiang University Shawiyi Hospital has begun in 2016. There are currently four stores and a coffee roasting studio.

At present, it is mainly dedicated to studying coffee raw bean roasted, Italian coffee, and hand -made coffee, and at the same time penetrates into the coffee production area to find high -quality raw beans.

It will regularly launch employee care activities and cultural salons on some special festivals (Nurse Day/Doctor’s Day, etc.).

Shao Yi’s coffee is not only a place to sell coffee, but also a platform for Shaw Yifu Hospital to interpret cultural concepts. It is a place for medical, protection, and patients to relax.The brand carrier of Shao Yi coffee has incorporated Shao Yi’s culture into many cultural deeds and concepts, bringing a sense of belonging to the hospital employees.

Shao Yi coffee is attached to healthy high -quality coffee, hoping to become a truly temperature and deep cafe through sharing and communication.

Doctor Shao has a temperature

Let more people know Shao Yiyi culture

It is the deeper meaning of Shao Yi coffee

Shaw coffee ///


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Author: Jim Fengfeng of Clinical Nutrition Department

Shao Yi Coffee Lord Shan Haiying

Drawing: Huang Keren, a clinical nutrition department

Review: Feng Lijun, Department of Clinical Nutrition

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