Can you understand your leucorrhea?Grasp this feature to greatly increase your chances of conception

If you pay attention, you will find that there are always a few days a month, the transparent leucorrhea with bright crystals on the underwear, sometimes it can be brushed and elastic.

In fact, the changes in women’s leucorrhea also foreshadow their physical condition.To understand leucorrhea, you can better understand women’s bodies and conform to the time when they are in peace.

Leucorrhea is a normal vaginal secretion of women, which is formed by the secretion liquid of vaginal mucosa, cervical canal and endometrial glands.Therefore, the ingredients of leucorrhea are "own people", which has nothing to do with metabolism and detoxification.

To say a cold knowledge, the so -called "love liquid" produced by women in the same room also belongs to leucorrhea.

Leucorrhea is not only the natural protection barrier of women, but also to resist the invasion of foreign pathogens; it can also lubricate the vagina and improve the quality of the same room; more importantly, it can assist in conception, provide a track for "Xiaoyu", and it is also an important sign of judging the ovulation period.Essence

How much is secreted by leucorrhea is mainly related to estrogen, and the peak of estrogen secretion occurs at the ovulation period.Therefore, before ovulation, leucorrhea will not only increase, but the shape also becomes yellow -yellowed leucorrhea from white, and it becomes a translucent leucorrhea with egg white.

If you find a long leucorrhea hanging in the private parts, or the gel -shaped leucorrhea with your hands on the underwear, and touch the wet and slippery with your hands, the probability is before and after the ovulation period.Implement ~

Of course, leucorrhea is not equivalent to ovulation, and the last day of the leucorrhea is the ovulation day.Moreover, some people have never appeared in leucorrhea, but still do not affect normal ovulation.In addition, endocrine disorders may also cause increased leucorrhea and drawing, but without ovulation.

However, leucorrhea drawing is indeed an important symbol to judge the timing of conception.In addition to the detection of ovulation by observing leucorrhea, measurement of body temperature, ovulation test strip, B -ultrasound detection and other methods can also be used to determine whether ovulation and prepare for smooth conception.

Finally, it is recommended that you record the date of your leucorrhea, which will help predict your best pregnancy and improve the efficiency of conception.

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