Can’t cut your hair after pregnancy?Don’t let me believe, the fact is different from what you think

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In some places, elderly people say that pregnant women cannot cut their hair.Some people think that I just like long hair and become more refreshing.However, because everyone’s preferences are different, if they can, it is recommended to cut hair shorter during pregnancy.It is not because the long hair will grab nutrition with the baby, and the saying is not reliable.Short hair is purely providing convenience for life and more convenient to take care of the baby in the future.

Shampooing convenient

One of the benefits of short hair than long hair is to wash your hair.It may take twenty minutes before, and the short hair can be done for a few minutes, and it is faster.Because some people recommend that they do not need or use less hair dryers after pregnancy.From this point of view, short hair is also saving the hair dryer for a long time, and there is no need to worry about whether the hair dryer should be used.

When confinement, the mother will feel particularly hot, especially with a lot of sweat. If it is not convenient to wash long hair, it is particularly difficult to take care of it.After the baby is born, it is too busy to fight every day. If it is short hair at this time, the corresponding time will be saved.

In the confinement, because of the south of the coordinates, I washed my hair several times. For the first time, because some people said that the hair dryer was not good, it was not blowing after washing, and then when I went to bed at night, my hair was not dry.Sleeping wet hair, the next day was uncomfortable.Therefore, at the time, I felt that short hair was good.

Reduce hair loss

It is estimated that most people will face postpartum hair loss after giving birth, and seeing the hair on the ground and pillows every day, it must be very heartbroken.If at this time, you can tie your hair every day, or make your hair up, because of the reason, you may also lose more hair.Therefore, it is better to be refreshing for short hair.

Avoid being caught by the baby

Many babies are more and more flexible in a few months, and they may catch adults’ hair because of naughty.At this time, if it is long hair, it may be entangled on the baby’s fingers, and the baby’s tender fingers.At the same time, if you have long hair, it is still painful to be dragged by your baby.

Do not cut your hair after pregnancy is everyone’s freedom, but here is reminding expectant mothers that do not scald your hair or dye your hair during pregnancy and lactation.

Regardless of whether it is dyeing or perm during pregnancy, the chemicals contained in the potion are likely to cause teratogenic. Especially the first three fetuses in pregnancy are in a period of organ differentiation, which is most likely to cause fetal malformations.

During breastfeeding, because the baby may be exposed to the mother’s hair, it may also be exposed to chemicals on the hair, which will also harm the baby.Moreover, the taste of the potion inside will also stimulate the baby.

Responsible for your baby, we must avoid contact with those products such as hair dyeing and perm.If you really worry about production, it is not convenient to take care of long hair. You do n’t have to hesitate. It is more convenient for cutting into refreshing short hair.


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