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2023 Huantai County Rong Media Center

Public recruitment staff announcement

Captive!Financial appropriation!

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According to the vacancies and work needs of public institutions, in accordance with the "Regulations on Personnel Management of Institutions" (State Council of the People’s Republic of China No. 652), "Interim Regulations on the Interim Regulations on Public Recruitment Persons’ Public Recruitment Persons" (Personnel Department No. 6), etc.The announcements of the relevant matters of the public recruitment staff of the Huantai County Rong Media Center in 2023 are as follows:

1. Recruitment post classification and organizational form

According to the characteristics of recruitment positions, this recruitment position is the broadcast host (female anchor) and news compilation of the Broadcasting Media Center of Huantai County. The test method is professional skills testing.

2. Recruitment scope and conditions

(1) Has the nationality of the People’s Republic of China.

(2) Following the Constitution and Law, have good morals.

(3) Candidates should be 40 years old and below (born June 15, 1982).

(4) Compliance with the requirements of academic qualifications and degrees of recruitment positions.

The relevant certificates and materials that have not obtained the requirements for recruitment positions have not yet obtained the requirements of the recruitment position in 2023, and they adopt a "integrity+shortage" method to promise to obtain relevant certificates and materials within the time limit requirements.If the false commitment and certification do not match, the corresponding qualifications will be canceled, and the legal responsibilities shall be held in accordance with relevant regulations.

Time limit requirements: The relevant certificates and materials of fresh graduates of domestic universities should be obtained on July 31, 2023 and before; relevant certificates and materials of other applicants should be obtained on June 15, 2023;) The time limit for graduates from foreign universities to obtain academic degree certification can be extended appropriately, not more than 2 months.

The "fresh graduates" in this recruitment refer to the scientific research institutions of ordinary colleges and universities in China or undertaking the scientific research institutions of graduate education tasks.Students who graduated in 2023.Graduates from foreign universities (borders) are the same.

The deadline for other unclear time calculations was June 15, 2023.

(5) Appropriate physical conditions and psychological quality of recruitment positions.

(6) For employees (including personnel signed employment agreements, the same below), they must obtain the consent of the unit (employment agreement unit, the same below).

In -service personnel refer to those who establish labor relations with enterprises, are hired by state organs, and hired by public institutions.Signing employment agreement personnel refers to the person who signed a preliminary employment agreement with the unit.

(7) Unable to apply:

1. Persons who have been punished for criminal punishment, those who are expelled from the party, and the public office.

2. Civil servants and personnel who are managed by the Civil Service Law for less than 5 years (including trial period).

3. In the public recruitment of civil servants and public recruitment, the competent authority of the recruitment (employment) of the public institutions determined that there were serious violations of disciplinary violations and must not be applied.

4. Personnel who have been listed as the object of joint punishment by the law according to law.

5. Active soldiers.

6. Non -fresh graduates who read all -time ordinary colleges and universities cannot apply, nor can they use the academic degrees as a condition to apply.

7. Situations that must be avoided in the "Regulations on the Avoidance of Personnel Management of Institutions" (Ministry of Human Resources and Social Affairs [2019] No. 1).

8. Personnel who stipulate other circumstances that are not hired.

3. Recruitment positions and specific requirements

For details of the recruitment position, please refer to the "List of Public Recruitment of Public Recruitment of staff in the Public Recruitment of Staff in the Huantai County Rong Media Center in 2023" (see attachment).

Fourth, registration

Registration Website: Website of the People’s Government of Huantai County


Registration time: June 15, 2023 9: 00 -June 17, 16:00

Query time: June 15, 2023 9: 00 -June 17, 17:00

Preliminary review time: June 15, 2023 9: 00 -June 17, 17:00

Note: Do not pay for the registration stage of this examination.

1. Online registration: Candidates must read the recruitment announcement and attachment content carefully, log in to the designated registration website, fill in the relevant personal application information truthfully, and submit it within the prescribed time. Each person is limited to 1 position.Registration personnel can modify the registration information before the preliminary examination, and then automatically replace the previous information.The preliminary review is passed, and the registration information cannot be changed.After 16:00 on June 17, 2023, if the preliminary or preliminary trial has not been approved, it is not possible to report other positions, and no longer modify or supplement the registration information.

When filling in the registration information, the personal introduction must fill in the study and work of high school and later.The main members of the family must fill in the names, work units and positions of direct blood relatives, spouses.

Candidates’ performance during the application period will be one of the important contents of public recruitment inspections.Candidates’ malicious registration information, disrupting the order order or forging the qualifications of the examination, and other materials to deceive the examination qualification, once verified, the qualifications for this application will be canceled and handled in accordance with relevant regulations.

The recruitment related information is published on the website of the People’s Government of Huantai County ( Candidates should log in to the website to check in time.Candidates can also pay attention to the "Huantai Renxian" WeChat public account (Huantairenshe) to understand the relevant information in time.

2. Online preliminary review: The preliminary review of the online review is based on the information filled in the Internet.The results of the online preliminary review results do not act as the final basis for determining the recruitment conditions.If the on -site qualification review is inconsistent with the results of the online preliminary review, the results of the on -site qualification review shall prevail.

The public recruitment authorities in Huantai County will arrange special personnel to be responsible for the preliminary review work. During the registration period, the online preliminary examination is conducted based on the registration information submitted by the applicants and provided consulting services.For those who meet the application conditions, the preliminary examination is passed; for the incomplete information of the information, the lack of content; for those who do not meet the recruitment conditions, they will not pass and explain the cause.

5. Exam and qualification review

(1) Qualification review

Candidates who enter the scope of the qualification review must be publicly recruited to submit relevant materials to the relevant materials for on -site qualification review according to the prescribed time, place and requirements.

The qualification review of the staff runs through the entire process of recruitment.In the recruitment work, it is found that the review and approved personnel do not meet the qualifications of the application or falsify, and immediately cancel the examination and employment qualifications as soon as they are verified, and deal with them in accordance with relevant regulations.

The appointment or dismissal of the employee should generally be provided during the qualification review stage.If it is difficult to issue an agreement to apply for or dismissal materials, it can be provided during the inspection stage with the consent of the competent recruitment of the competent authority by the public recruitment of the competent authority.

(2) Preliminary Test and Professional Skills Test

According to the characteristics of the post, the interview is performed by professional skills testing.The specific requirements are subject to professional skills test announcements.

Professional skills test examiners are generally composed of 7 people and hire foreign examiners.In order to ensure the basic quality of new people, the minimum qualification score line of the interview setting is 70 points.

According to the standard approved by the price department, the examination fee for interview (professional skills test) is 70 yuan per person, and the payment method and time see professional skills test announcement.

Professional skills test scores are calculated by percentage system. The results are calculated to two digits after the decimal point, and the end is four.

Among them, the professional skills test of the news editing posts adopts on -site interviews, recording, and post -production formation, and the professional skills test of the post -to -post professional skills are organized by the on -site broadcast broadcast.The specific organizational form is based on professional skills test announcements.

When the number of applicants in the recruitment position exceeds the recruitment plan 1:10, the preliminary test can be increased by the situation. The initial test score is determined from high to low according to the proportion of recruitment plan 1:10.The preliminary test is determined and issued by the public recruitment of the Huantai County Public Institution.

(3) Calculation and ranking

The initial test scores and professional skills test scores are calculated by percentage system. The results are calculated to the two digits after the decimal point, and the end is four.

Persons with the minimum qualification score line of professional skills, and those with a score of not less than the minimum qualification score line.If the professional skills of the applicants are the same in recruitment positions, the preliminary test will be arranged to determine the ranking order according to the initial test score from high to low scores; if the initial test score is still the same or the first test is not organized, the ranking order is determined.

The initial test score is only used as the basis for the test of professional skills, and it is not included in the test score.

6. Examination and physical examination

According to the order of professional skills, the person who enters the scope of the inspection and physical examination according to the proportion of 1: 2.Press at a ratio of 1: 1 during the inspection and physical examination.Jobs that cause vacancy due to unqualified medical examinations, abstaining, and failure to submit a certificate of applying for or dismiss certification materials as required. You can make supplements from those who enter the inspection and medical examination scope according to the scope of the medical examination.After the list of personnel to be hired, it will no longer be replenished if there is a vacancy.

The inspection can be carried out in various ways according to the requirements of the job conditions. It mainly examines the situation of ideological and political performance, moral quality, business ability, and work performance.Wait for review and conduct file review in accordance with relevant regulations.The inspection team must seek truth from facts, comprehensively, objective, and fairly evaluate the object of inspection, and write written inspection opinions.

The medical examination is carried out in a unified organization at a comprehensive hospital at or above the county level, and the medical examination costs shall be borne by the candidates.Those who fail to participate in the medical examination according to the prescribed time and place are deemed to be abstained.The medical examination standards and the project refer to the implementation of the medical examination standards and operation manuals of civil servants, and the state has other regulations.During the medical examination, candidates who are already pregnant can be extended to perform chest threatening and other examination items.If the re -examination is required in accordance with the regulations, it is not performed in the primary examination hospital. The re -examination can only be performed once.When necessary, the public recruitment of the authorities in Huantai County may request a re -examination.

Seven, publicity and employment

Examination, inspection, and physical examination are publicized for 7 working days.At the expiry of the publicity period, if there is no problem or a reflection of the problem, it will not affect the employment, and the "Notice of the Recruitment Personnel of Institutions" will be issued publicly by Huantai County to publicize the competent authority.Those who affect the hiring and verifying the problem of reflection are not hired.Public institutions and employees signed an employment contract in accordance with regulations to establish personnel relationships.The minimum service period for this recruitment regulations will be implemented in accordance with regulations when signing the hire contract.

The new employment personnel implement the probation period in accordance with regulations, and the probation period includes within the period of employment contract.The newly hired personnel have a work experience in the same unit for one year or above (based on the formal procedures of the labor contract and the social security payment materials), the probation period is generally 6 months; the first employment is generally 12 months.EssenceContinue to employment in the probation period, unqualified lifting contracts.

8. Consultation, supervision and others

This public recruitment test does not specify the textbooks and tutoring books, and does not hold or authorize or entrust any institution to hold examination counseling classes.The recruitment was under the supervision of the disciplinary inspection department and all sectors of the society.

If the applicants think that the specific administrative behavior during the recruitment affects their legitimate rights and interests, they can apply for administrative reconsideration within 60 days from the date of the announcement of the specific administrative behavior, or file an administrative lawsuit within 6 months.

Candidates should strictly abide by the relevant policies and regulations of public recruitment, and follow the unified arrangements of the public institutions to recruit the competent authority, and fail to obey the normal work arrangement, unreasonably make trouble, disrupt the normal recruitment work order during the application process.The processing of employment qualifications.Candidates who violate public recruitment discipline shall be dealt with in accordance with the "Regulations on the Public Institution’s Public Recruitment of Disciplinary Violations" (the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security Order No. 35 of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security of the People’s Republic of China).Integrated into public institutions to publicly recruit disciplinary violations and integrity file libraries.

Other matters are implemented in accordance with the relevant provisions of the public institutions.

This announcement is interpreted by the Organization Department of the CPC Huantai County Party Committee and the Human Resources and Social Security Bureau of Huantai County.

Policy consultation phone:

Personnel Management Section of Personnel Institutions of Human Resources and Social Affairs Bureau of Hangtai County 0533-8182713

Cadre Department of the Organization Department of the Huantai County Party Committee of the Communist Party of China 0533-8162399

Monitor telephone:

The Fifth Discipline Inspection and Supervision Team of Discipline Inspection and Supervision of the Discipline Inspection Commission of Huantai County 0533-8229105

Announcement URL:

Huantai County People’s Government:


Hangtai Renxian WeChat public account:

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