Case: Wife suffers from cancer in August during pregnancy. The doctor asked Bao Da or Bao Xiao. Husband: Don’t

When you are suffering from cancer, you find that you will soon live, and there is a baby in your belly, and your husband will disappear after leaving a phrase "one don’t want". What would you do?Most people may listen to the doctor’s suggestion to choose to give up the child for themselves, but there is such a person who resolutely chooses to leave this child until he dies, even if he pays the price of life.Is it for love?Or is there any unspeakable secret?Let’s take a look at this protagonist together.

Yang Lingyun, who was young that year, was full of curiosity to the outside world, and came alone to Guangdong.Because of his good appearance, he was sought after by many men.As the so -called Flower World is charming, this made Yang Lingyun, who lived in the countryside since childhood, quickly lost herself. By chance, he met his first boyfriend and quickly fell into Aihe.

At first, the man was very attentive to Yang Lingyun. He did all the housework, and often sent her various gifts. This made Yang Lingyun feel that he was the happiest woman in the world.

But the good times didn’t last long. When the two lived together, slowly Yang Lingyun found that his boyfriend often did not go home at night, and he was not as careful as before.Occasionally, Yang Lingyun found his boyfriend to eat with another woman. When observing, he found that they were married and had their own children, but they were third parties in other people’s marriage.

The cruel fact was in front of Yang Lingyun, and she wanted to leave the world for a time, and the relationship between her heart was cut off and returned to her hometown.After returning to her hometown, Yang Lingyun did not tell his parents about his tragic encounters, but just excuses that he wanted to rest for a while.

But her parents were very worried about her marriage because of Yang Lingyun’s upcoming age. After meeting various blind dates, she met her current husband Peng Jiangping.Peng Jiangping was a divorce and a son. The similar emotional encounter between the two made them feel sorry, and Yang Lingyun’s heart survived again.

The advent of love made Yang Lingyun feel cherished, and her husband did not let himself down. He went home every day after getting off work. After returning home, he took the initiative to take housework. The steps also filial to himself under the education of her husband.

The day passed like this. Occasionally, Yang Lingyun found that she was pregnant. In order to realize her husband’s daughter’s dream, Yang Lingyun decided to give birth to this daughter.The arrival of the new life has made the couple’s feelings deeper and deeper. They also look forward to breeding their common children and named the child "Peng Yinai", which means that this is a life that is poured out with love.

But fate is to tease people’s hearts. Yang Lingyun, who was more than five months pregnant for more than five months, thought of going to the hospital for a comprehensive examination due to his physical discomfort. As a result, he found that he had suffered from cancer, and the cancer cells had spread.Essence

Yang Lingyun’s relatives and friends have also persuaded you to be young, and the future is still long. For herself, Yang Lingyun understands the kindness of his family and the danger of cancer.How to persuade this child, and his husband Peng Jiangping was missing after learning the news.

This is like a thunderbolt for Yang Lingyun. Now she is suffering from the physical psychology, but she always believes that her husband is a responsible person.Under the faith, Yang Lingyun takes medicine carefully every day and eats on time, and she has to be strong for the children in the belly.

Later, with the help of the mother’s family for help, Peng Jiangping was finally found, and Peng Jiangping came to the hospital to see the doctor’s first sentence actually gave up treatment. In the case of "Bao Da or Bao Xiao", Peng Jiangping chose to chooseAfter all giving up, the old saying "one day husband and wife hundred days" did not expect that her husband would abandon himself and his children now.

At this moment, Yang Lingyun fully recognized the reality and thoroughly see the people of his pillow.She said to the reporter, "I can often feel my baby greeted me again recently, as if telling my mother that you want to be strong, not for anyone, I will definitely give birth to this child, even if the price of life is blocked."

The people present were all moved after hearing it, and also respected Yang Lingyun’s choice, and accompanied her to cheer her up.Over time, the children in Yang Lingyun’s belly became bigger and bigger, and her condition became more and more serious.

Gradually Yang Lingyun was thin and only skinny, and even his breathing became more and more strenuous. At the advice of the doctor, he decided to cut the child out first in August and then treat Yang Lingyun.

On the day of the production, Yang Lingyun said to the doctor before entering the operating room, "No matter what the situation is, you must keep my child first and ask you."At this moment we feel the greatness and selflessness of motherly love, even if life is about to come to an end, it is the most important position.

With the joint efforts of doctors, the child was successfully cut out, but because of premature birth and mother’s body, the baby could not obtain sufficient nutrition, and only had more than three pounds when he was born.The nurse told Yang Lingyun as a very beautiful little girl, and Yang Lingyun just glanced at the child in a hurry, and finally left the world forever due to the ineffective rescue of the daughter’s birth.

The doctor told her family that when Yang Lingyun was unconscious, he kept talking in his mouth. He might be worried about the safety of his daughter, or he might be at the end of his life at the end of his life.Only Yang Lingyun knew it.

Yang Lingyun’s departure brought endless pain to his loved ones. The disappearance and ruthlessness of the husband also made us see the reality of "the husband and wife are the same forest birds, and the difficulties are flying".The torture is also shocked to give birth to the mother’s mother’s love.

This made me think of a famous saying, "Maternal love is generous, she spilled love to Chunlu and sprinkled Qiu Shuang; left to Chen Xi, left to Mu Yan;Forgot to herself. "This also warned us that our mother took us to this world. It has gone through thousands of hardships, and we must cherish our lives.

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