Cat pregnancy and production process

My family is a silver that British short silver is gradually gone. After going back for two days, I was in estrus, but there were obvious signs of weakening. After two days of return, I no longer estrus.

Every month as usual, you can see the bulging belly slightly.On the 40th day (calculated from the day), I prepared a delivery room. It went in a very happy look and kept gurgling.During this period, the delivery room will always be scratched.The stomach is getting bigger and bigger. Until 56 days, the stomach no longer becomes larger, and it starts to sink slowly, and the amount of food has decreased.On the 63rd day, I ate less and did not like to leave its room.On the morning of the 66th day, I found that there was a finger in the genitals when I helped it. I told me to call me, block my way, and prevent me from leaving its room. It was very anxious and almost didn’t eat.I know that it is about to be born, so I have been with it, and prepared to pick up scissors, iodine, cotton swabs, urine pads, gloves, etc.

The water was broken at around 6 pm that night, so that the cat mothers entered the delivery room to give birth, and they could see that the belly had contractions and started to work hard.Because it was difficult to give birth to the hip position, it had been born for two hours.The first child was born at eight and eight, and was only a little male.The umbilical cord has not been broken, and the placenta has not been born. The cat mother protects only the amniotic fluid and blood on the boss, and I can’t intervene.After licking, I helped cut the umbilical cord and pulled the placenta along the umbilical cord to save the cat mother’s strength to squeeze the placenta.

The placental cat mother ate half and started to give birth to the second one, and the rest was placed in its rice bowl.The second is that the hip position is difficult to produce. The process is very torment. I am very worried. I can’t give birth to it. I am afraid that it will have the power to give it a zinc glycotate (only this is left at home).And coax it back to the delivery room again.At 23:45, it was finally born, and the mother was particularly white.It has been born for four hours, and it is really hard.The umbilical cord like the boss has not been broken, and the placenta has not yet been born. When the umbilical cord is cut, the umbilical cord is broken when the placenta is pulled, and the cat mothers can only wait for the cat mothers.I leaked a little by the placenta. I pulled out the trend.Maybe the glucose drinks too much, the second placenta is not eaten, and it is placed in its food bowl.

Although the third child came out of the leg first, I could help the cat mother give birth and relieved. This was born soon, and the second interval was 40 minutes.

After the cat mothers cleaned up the kittens, they lay down and breastfeed, and they stopped working hard. After touching the cat’s belly, she had no baby in her stomach.I was relieved, for fear that there was a problem and took care of it for two hours before going to bed.

When I got up in the morning, I saw that the placenta in the basin was eaten, and I didn’t eat cat food.The next few Tmall moms don’t like to eat much, it may be that the placenta eats too much.The kittens are healthy.

This is my experience to share with everyone. I hope we can communicate with each other and leave a lot of messages.

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