CCTV reporter visited on the spot: Is Zibo barbecue "cold"? Zibo July 7th News (Reporter Cheng Lilong Li Shun) "90 % of the new barbecue oven, low prices and rushing."There are more kitchenware transfer information positioning in Zibo, Shandong. Many people question: Can the Zibo barbecue be dried?From "hot" to "cool", Zibo has changed so fast?On July 7, a reporter from came to Muyang Village barbecue and eight major situations such as "Internet celebrity punching fields" to see what Zibo is now.

At noon on the 7th, the Muyang Village barbecue restaurant is still full (Photo by Li Shun, a reporter from

"Our customers are not very small at all. If there is a change, that is, as long as tourists are willing to line up, they can eat the barbecue of our shop." Yang Lixin, the owner of the person in charge of Muyang Village barbecue, said that May is the most people, andThe team lined up every night is tens of meters long, and they have to "limit numbers" every day.Now the store is full every day, and the turnover has not changed much.

The Muyang Village Barbecue Store is located at the intersection of Beijing Road and Linze Road. It is the "top flow" in this round of Zibo barbecue network boom.Speaking of the recent transfer of some local barbecue restaurants, Yang Lixin said that there are also hearing.He said that the barbecue itself has a certain seasonality. From the Qingming Festival to the May Day holiday every year, from the Mid -Autumn Festival to the National Day holiday, it is a peak season for barbecue.The weather is not cold or hot in the past two periods. Eating barbecue in the house and outside the house is suitable. Today (July 7) Zibo’s temperature of 34 degrees Celsius, most people are unwilling to go out to eat barbecue.

"Dry barbecue also requires technical content." Yang Lixin, who has many years of experience, said that starting in February this year, Zibo barbecue has become fire, and many "industry Xiaobai" follows the wind dry barbecue.At that time, the old barbecue shop could not accept tourists from all directions, and some tourists were diverted into the newly opened store.These stores looked "red and red" at that time, but due to taste and other aspects, they could not leave a good reputation. Once the tourist flow decreased, the first batch of the new stores was these new stores.

Yang Lixin’s statement is also consistent with the registration data of local barbecue companies.Tianyancha APP shows that Zibo City has more than 5,200 barbecue -related companies.From January to June this year, there were more than 820 barbecue restaurants in Zibo, and more than 250 registered enterprises were added in March and April in March and April.

On the afternoon of the 7th, the market outlook for the eighth situation (Photo by Li Shun, a reporter from

In the eighth market market, a shop owner who sells net red stir -fried pan cake told reporters, "I could sell tens of thousands of dollars a day, and now I can sell it at most."It is indeed less.What is the key to see the weather in the future? Now every day is so hot, who will come to travel, the owner said.

Han Ruobing, an associate professor at the School of Management of Shandong University, said that the popularity of Zibo barbecue is inevitable.Regarding the current "hot and cold" changes, on the one hand, it is necessary to rationally understand the objective laws of the development of the tourism market itself, and on the other hand, it also shows that moving from the Internet hotspot to local cultural brands requires overall planning of various departments to achieve sustainable development.

Han Ruobing suggested that in response to the current tourists, the local cultural tourism department must actively explore the innovation of the development model of cultural tourism, not only to further mobilize the enthusiasm of cultural tourism practitioners and catering industry, but also combines consumers’ needs and participation in order to achieve "The transformation of flow to "retention".

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