Celebrity leaves are "natural Kaisai", the whole body is treasure, and the nutrition is extremely high.

It is "natural Kaisai". It was better than eating 10 pounds of bananas once. The bad breath disappeared and his belly was small.Hello everyone, I am a silly sister’s food, the living conditions are good, all of the friends around you eat are fat. Although some bodies are not fat, the small belly is bulging, and the digestion is not good.Irregular work and rest, eating snacks, and all kinds of spicy foods will cause constipation. For a long period of constipation, it will make our skin acne, which will also make us bad breath and even cause hemorrhoids.In daily life, we need to eat more digestible foods.

Today, I recommend the parsley, known as "Natural Kaisu".Corps not only contain a variety of nutrients, but also contain a large amount of dietary fiber, which can help our gastrointestinal tract accelerate peristalsis. Milknium is not only eaten by stems, but also the larvae leaves are also delicious. Today I will share with you incense.Two kinds of food made by celestial leaf.

[The first kind of corona leaves fried eggs] Prepare ingredients: parsley leaves, eggs, pepper, edible oil, salt, rice vinegar, sesame oil.

Specific method: First put the parsley leaves after simmered water in cold water, then pour into the drain basket to control the water. After picking up the drain basket, you can pour the parsley leaves on the board.Milky leaves are chopped.

Most people squeeze the water with their hands after the crooked leaf is cold.Pour the chopped papyrus leaves into the pot, make a few eggs, sprinkle a little pepper, remove the fishy smell of eggs, add an appropriate amount of salt, and add a bit of rice vinegar to stir well.It tastes more fluffy.

Milky leaf is a crude fiber vegetable. When fried, you need to fry with low heat. The oil is not easy to put it. Pour a layer of oil on the bottom of the pot. Pour the stirred egg liquid into the pot and use a shovel to use a shovel.Separate, stir fry with a shovel after the egg liquid is set to make it heated evenly. In order to better digest and absorb the parsley leaves, fry until slightly forming, add a small amount of boiling water, turn the heat to boil, drop a little sesame oilYou can go out to the pot.

[Second kind of cold coriner leaf] Prepare ingredients: parsley leaves, dried peppers, minced garlic, edible oil, salt, soy sauce, oyster sauce.

Specific methods: 1. Wash the parsley leaves and set aside. Because the leaf of the parsley contains oxalic acid, when cold mixing, the parsley leaves must be simmered in water, and the taste of the parsley leaves must be a bit astringent.At this time, you can soak the parsley leaves in cold water for a while, so that you are not so astringent when you eat it.After soaking the parsley leaves, remove the water control, put it on the board and cut it in the empty pot.

2. Adjust the cold juice, pour the right amount of raw soy sauce, oyster sauce, and vinegar in the empty bowl, stir with a little salt, sprinkle the adjusted juice evenly on the parsley leaves, cut the dried chili pepper into shreds, use the garlic with garlic, use the garlic.Shoot the knife and chop it again, and then put the chili shreds and minced garlic on the parsley leaves.Add edible oil to the wok, boil the oil to no foam, pour the oil on the chili shreds and minced garlic with a spoon, cook the aroma, put it on disposable gloves, grab it with your hand, and make the parsley.Ye charged and flavored.

Milky oxalic acid is high and the taste is slightly astringent. When eating, it is necessary to fried water. Many people think that it is a pity that it is really a pity that such nutritious vegetables are thrown away.A appetite?In order to take a little takeaway in order to be healthy, make some food by yourself, that is, healthy, and nutritious and delicious. Today I will come here. Thank you for your reading and praise. See you tomorrow!

(Miao Miao)

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