Changsha 31 weeks pregnant women have an early peeling of the placenta, and the medical care is completed for eight minutes to complete the surgical disconnection

"Thank you so much! I finally conceived this second baby. The child had an accident without a month. Fortunately, the operation was timely, and the child and I were peaceful." Recently, at the Changsha Central Hospital (Changsha affiliated to Changsha University in Nanhua UniversityCentral Hospital) Overcare Ward, 43 -year -old second -born mother Li Lifang (a pseudonym) held Director Li Minghua’s hand and thanked him again and again.

Li Lifang, 43, is a second mother. After the second child policy is released, it is easy to conceive the second child for 6 years.In the Spring Festival this year, Li Lifang, who was 31 weeks pregnant, watched everything that was normal for the results of the birth inspection and had no discomfort in his body. He followed his husband to visit relatives and friends. On the day of the Lantern Festival, he entertained relatives and friends at home. He was tired for a day.After the guests left, Li Lifang, who was exhausted, had a rest in bed in the morning, but appeared at more than 5 am in the morning. She thought it was a contraction caused by tiredness.Then he hurried to the obstetric outpatient clinic of Changsha Central Hospital (Changsha Central Hospital of Nanhua University).

After the obstetrics clinic, Professor Yu Lihui asked the situation carefully and preliminary inspection, suspected that Xie Lifang had an early peeling of the placenta, and immediately pushed the B -ultrasound for a pregnant woman with a green passage for an emergency examination.The fetal hypoxia suffocation has already occurred in a full -moon fetus.The situation is critical!While Professor Yu Lihui explained the situation to his family, other medical staff pushed Li Lifang into the operating room at the fastest speed, and notified the neonatal department, anesthesiology, and blood transfusion department for coordinated rescue preparations.

Due to the timely treatment, from the early discovery of the placenta to the baby’s birth, the medical team completed the operation in only eight minutes.During the operation, it was found that there were a lot of blood and blood clots in the uterine cavity. The placenta had been peeled. There was no breathing after birth after birth, and the heart rate was only 80 times/minute. The medical staff immediately gave a recovery to rescue.The medical staff was relieved, and everyone’s hanging heart finally fell.Premature babies weighed only 1140g, and immediately turned to the newborn department for further observation and nursing.

"This eight minutes is too important. It is the most important eight minutes of this little life and this family." Li Minghua, deputy director of obstetrics, said: "The placenta is a barrier between maternal tires and the place where maternal and infant material exchange.The nutrients are transported to the fetus through the placenta. If the placenta is stripped in advance, it will affect the blood oxygen supply of the fetus, causing the severe consequences of hypoxia, suffocation, and even the fetus in the fetus. "

"Placental peeling means that after 20 weeks of pregnancy, the placenta in the normal position is before the fetus is delivered, and partly or all from the palace wall. The main cause is to combine pregnancy hypertension and chronic kidney disease.Especially the twins or amniotic fluid, long -term supine positions, etc., the clinical manifestations are vaginal bleeding, abdominal pain, frequent or persistent contractions, bloody amniotic fluid, fetal movements, and can be accompanied by increased uterine tension and tender uterine tenderness. In severe cases, blood loss occurs.Sex shock, diffuse intravascular coagulation, gold rescue time is often only a few minutes. If it is not treated in time, it will endanger mother’s life. "Li Minghua reminded," During the Spring Festival, everyone enjoys festive festivals, busy visiting a relatives and visiting them.Friends, but pregnant mothers still need to pay attention to rest, avoid tiredness, do not lie on back for a long time, avoid densely populated places, do not spend too fast when walking, prevent falling.The hospital emergency. "

Xiaoxiang Morning News reporter Mei Mei Correspondent Zeng Sheng Jin Zhu Wenqing

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