Checking pregnancy, the menstruation was not pregnant again, and the two results in a week made her unacceptable

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Now because of busy work, late marriage and childbirth, many families who want second -born babies have also missed the best childbirth age, and even biased towards aging. After the second child policy is liberalized, many women are actively preparing for the second child.Although the body is not different, it is not pregnant with the second child, and even some people go to the hospital for examination because they feel like the symptoms of pregnancy, and make a joke.

The 35 -year -old mother checked the second child and carefully prepared for pregnancy. One week later, a big aunt, the child was gone?

Netizen Xiaojin is a 35 -year -old Baoma, and she is also a female white -collar worker in the workplace. Because she is relatively late, she only has the first baby at the age of 30. However, the common hope of Xiao Jin and her husband is that there are two children in the family.But at that time, the second child policy was not released. When Xiao Jin was 35 years old, the second child policy let go. The two were very happy and actively prepared for the second child.

Soon, Xiao Jin had a sign of pregnancy. He went to the hospital for examination. He was really pregnant. This time the husband and wife were happy, but the age of 35 was not small, so he was very careful.But a week later, "Aunt Auntie" came. As a baby who has a baby experience, he did not panic about the phenomenon of aunt in the early stages of pregnancy.

However, after the aunt left, she went to the hospital for examination, but this time the doctor said that Xiao Jin was not pregnant, and Xiao Jin was panicked at the time. How could I not get pregnant? I did a blood test.Why didn’t a aunt get pregnant?

The doctor said: It is indeed pregnant. The fertilized eggs are indeed in the uterus, but they have not been in the uterus successfully. After coming to the aunt, they will eliminate the body with the aunt, so that they will not be checked.This situation is a biochemical pregnancy, and the sub -clinical abortion will not affect normal pregnancy.

Pregnancy was a very happy thing, but experienced happiness and shock within a week did make Xiaojin unprepared. Although this kind of thing is not frequent, there are many.

Checking pregnancy, but checking is not pregnant again, in addition to the aunt, it may also be due to these reasons:

False positive: Some pregnant mothers feel pregnant with signs of pregnancy. They did not go to the hospital for a blood test. Instead, they adopted the test strip to self -test, but the test strip test is possibly positive.It was postponed for a week and did not come. In fact, there was no pregnancy. When I went to the hospital for examination, I couldn’t find it.

Blood examination is pregnant, but the test can not be pregnant: during the blood test, it shows pregnancy, but the B -ultrasound can not be pregnant. Don’t worry at this time. Generally, the blood test test is very reliable. It can be based on the doctor’s instructions. How long does it take?Then go to the B -ultrasound for the hospital.

If fertilized eggs are successfully bed, the body will have these reaction symptoms

The fertilized egg bed is a process, and it is quiet. About six days and seven days will be successful in the bed, but it is too small. The B -ultrasound cannot be checked. The blood test is the most accurate.At this time, the test strip can also measure weak positive.

Generally, I do n’t feel any feeling of fertilized eggs, but the signal may be released in the body:

Cold in bed

There will be a faint pain in the lower abdomen, and it will not care, but it will feel sour.

Breast pain, just like a aunt, the nipples will have tenderness

The body will feel a cold

Sensitive people will have obvious symptoms, but vary from person to person. If the fertilized egg fails to bed, menstruation will come normally. If the bed is successful, it will be silent.Women responded strongly as soon as they were pregnant.

However, no matter what the situation, as long as you want your baby, you must be fully prepared, you must pay attention to your body, quit smoking and alcohol, do not use medicine, etc.

I am a candy mother, a senior childcare teacher, and a 4 -year -old baby mother. I can ask me any questions I encountered during the parenting process. I hope my suggestion can help you solve the troubles in the process of bringing the baby.And confusion.

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