Chen Sicheng’s 21 -year -old girlfriend is pregnant!The man had asked him to accompany the big guys, but now he is dirty to break up?

One entertainment recorded some details of the greasy director’s father and daughter’s love, which made people look great. The entertainment said: The greasy director found a girlfriend who was 20 years younger than himself.Toad sleeps frogs, it ’s ugly to play!

Coincidentally, in September 2022, Chen Sicheng’s new relationship was exposed. Pervic showed a video of him and a wonderful woman with a dating. The two hugged on the street and did not avoid it.

The Internet surfing people quickly identified it accurately that this wonderful girl was actor Ruan Ji.Ruan Ju was born in 1999. He was only 23 years old and Chen Sicheng was 44 years old.Everyone thinks that age is too big, and she is almost the age of her father.

She is not only a bit of a bit of being a little bit as a little bit, but also graduated from the Central Academy of Drama.Take a look at the recent photos, youthful youth, and two small tiger teeth, full of collagen, which are young.

In the filming video, Ruan Ju’s long black hair was put on his shoulders, and a long water -red dress looked slender, snuggling beside Chen Sicheng as a bird like a bird.

It is said that Chen Sicheng was taking a new girlfriend to attend a friend meeting at the time, and the behavior of the two was quite close.When talking to a friend, Chen Sicheng first took his girlfriend’s shoulder, and then Ruan Joshun fell into his arms. He hugged Chen Sicheng’s waist with both hands, looking at his back, sticky like a conjoined baby.The two were hugging in the eyes of the public, and the friends around them looked calm and not surprised.

After finding the filming, Ruan Ju simply took off his mouth, and he didn’t seem to worry about being exposed.As an actress outside the eighteenth line, who does not want to increase the exposure rate, especially the famous guidance such as Chen Sicheng is exposed. If it works well, maybe he will also promote himself to become famous.

Chen Sicheng has divorced Li Liya, and is now a gold single man. It is reasonable and legal to fall in love.Ruan Ju is also an unmarried beauty, so he is not only stressful with him, but even willing to be exposed. He can take the opportunity to let more people know himself.

However, the two did not respond to their relationship. On the one hand, Chen Sicheng played the identity of Pu Liya’s ex -husband and son and biological father.With happiness.

When they thought their feelings were so sweet, the entertainment broke a fierce material.It is said that the greasy director’s little girlfriend recently checked that she was pregnant, and she was forced to marry. She wanted to win a name for herself and their children.

What is even more surprising is that the greasy director once sent his girlfriend to drink and sleep with his big girlfriend, just to put in the capital circle to attract his new movie.Unexpectedly, at this section of bones, the little girlfriend was pregnant, and the greasy director had abandoned the woman’s "not clean", and now it is impossible to determine who the child is. Naturally, she is unwilling to get married.

But the woman was not vegetarian. After the failure of the marriage, she threatened the greasy director in turn, saying that if the man dared to throw herself, she called the police and wrote all the dirty things he did to make him fell as well as.

After the two quarreled with a big quarrel, for the interests of the two sides, they finally took a step back. The greasy director promised not to break up, and would definitely marry her in the future. The little girlfriend did not write a small composition to destroy the man, and the two continued to get along peacefully.

In fact, as the director of the entertainment industry, Chen Sicheng never lacked a beauty beside him. When Pu Liya married him, he was also beautiful.However, in the face of such a beauty, Chen Sicheng did not seem to be particularly rare, and shortly after the marriage, he frequently exposed the gossip of picking up girls.

In a show, he also said that once he went out to eat with Li Liya, because both of them had to pay, and burned Tong Liya with a cigarette butt in the scramble. So far, the scar is still there.Although the purpose is to prevent Pu Liya from paying accounts, but this way is too bustling and how to treat his lover, how to get off.

When Chen Sicheng recalled this, not only had no distress and guilt, but also smiled and said very interesting, making fans feel worthless for Tong Liya.Therefore, when the two officials announced their divorce, Li Liya’s personal social account received a lot of messages, congratulations to her from the sea of suffering.

Now, after the divorce of Liya, she is beautiful and her condition is very good.Chen Sicheng wants to find Xinhuan, it is understandable.The great director and young actress of your circle are almost standard, and it is not surprising.Each has its own pictures, each.It is unclear whether Ruan Ju will become a genuine wife.

Ruan Ju went to the way for 2 years and his career has flocked all the way. As for the development of this career, there is no help from Chen Dao, and we are not good at deciding.It is certain that no one is a loser in this new relationship.

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