Cheng Xiaozheng publicly produced the picture.

On May 8th, Cheng Xiaoyi, who preached the good news of Gang Guan, generously shared herself on her personal social platform that she was from pregnancy to production VLOG, showing her joy and happiness as a mother.

At the beginning of the video, Cheng Xiaozheng shared her husband’s cooking and fried fish pictures for her. In response, Cheng Xiaoyi also explained that because her husband heard her praise a gay and a fisher in fish, he took the initiative to cook himself to show himself himself.The simple life details are enough to see that her husband is petting Cheng Xiaozheng.

It is reported that Cheng Xiaozheng and her husband developed from a friend to a lover. Two people have known each other for ten years before breaking through the relationship between friends. Therefore, they are comfortable and sweet to get along with each other.And the emotional progress is rapidly that the two people have a baby before they have time.

Cheng Xiaoyu, who upgraded to pregnant mothers, is difficult to hide happiness. Each of her husband will accompany her, and the couple’s two are full of expectations of the baby in the belly.

Cheng Xiaozheng also revealed the origin of the daughter’s milk name "Fat Bean". The reason was that the little baby in the B ultrasound during the second birth check was like a fat and round lentils. Since then"" ".

Cheng Xiaoyu, who is 32 -year -old, has a good condition during pregnancy. She is not very serious. She has always been working in the whole pregnancy for a few days after a short period of time infected with the new crown.

Moreover, although it was the first time to get pregnant, Cheng Xiaoyi performed very calm. From the picture she shared, Cheng Xiaoyi, who chose to give birth, did not go to the hospital for the first time after the baby was launched. Instead, he recorded the palace herself.The frequency of shrinking is really unbearable to the pain before going to the hospital with her husband.

The entire production process, Cheng Xiaozheng’s husband has always been with her. In the end, Cheng Xiaozheng gave birth to her daughter safely. Cheng Xiaoyi, who exposed her daughter’s whole body, judged from the picture of her baby when she was born. Fat, visual weight is about 8 catties.

Many people know that before the production, doctors will evaluate the baby’s weight in the belly. Cheng Xiaozheng thinks that she knows that her daughter is about weight. Even if she knows that the baby in the belly is too large, she still chooses to give birth is really brave and strong.

In addition, although Cheng Xiaozheng’s talents announced on the 7th, from the video table of the doctor’s corridor from the delivery room from the video she shared from the video she shared, Cheng Xiaozheng was born on April 9th.When I was about to confine, Cheng Xiaoyi, who was officially announced, did not want to be disturbed by the outside world too much, and wanted to better support his body.

Cheng Xiaozheng also showed up after giving birth. She had a good mental state of her daughter, and she was happy to take a photo with her husband. After becoming a mother, Cheng Xiaozheng had a happy smile on her face.Moreover, it became more and more gentle after being a mother.

Cheng Xiaozheng generously exposed her daughter’s face, and her fat bean eyebrows looked like her mother.

Cheng Xiaoyi, who exposed her baby in the belly before her daughter was born. Previously, she also shared all kinds of beautiful clothes prepared for her daughter, all of which were big names.

Cheng Xiaozheng, who has not had a wedding with her husband, is born with her daughter. I wonder if the two have been on the schedule?In the end, I blessed Cheng Xiaozheng again, and I also looked forward to her sharing a family of three happy daily life.

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