Chicken, is the "reminder" of cancer cells?Be wary, don’t eat these four parts

Chicken is one of the meat that Chinese people like very much. They have become the second largest consumer meat category after pork, but there are many controversy about chicken:

Chicken skin cannot be eaten, otherwise it will be poisoned;

Chicken cannot be eaten, otherwise it will cause cancer.

Is these true or false?Today, Xiaokang’s sister invited Dr. Liang Qingyue, the director of the clinical nutrition department of "Chengdu Seventh People’s Hospital".

Will eating chicken carcinogens?

This statement comes from a post that "New Studies of Oxford University: Eating chicken association with cancer risk, including three specific cancers".

The main basis of this statement in the article is a study from the University of Oxford: It is found that eating chicken is related to the increase in the risk of non -Hodgkin lymphoma, melanoma, and male prostate cancer.

In fact, this report’s remarks (test data) are too one -sided, and there is no representativeness. There is no enough and clear evidence to prove that eating chicken will increase the risk of cancer.

Chicken is a simple and very good meat. It is rich in high -quality protein and has high absorption rates. It is not very connected with cancer.

The disease mechanism of cancer is not a simple chance of illness, but caused by many factors. Therefore, the so -called "eating chicken carcinogenic" remarks are not established. This research is only a kind of observation research.

However, we must avoid eating grilled chicken and fried chicken, because after high -temperature fried, the nutrients of the food itself will be destroyed, and many harmful substances will be released, which will cause the calories to exceed the standard, lead to obesity, and increase the risk of carcinogens.

The hormone content of the quick chicken exceeds the standard?

Some people think that the current speed of chicken grows so fast, which must be related to hormone ripening.In the early days, there were also related reports of "hormone chicken", which made everyone doubt the food safety of chicken.

In fact, "Quick Chicken" is a scientific optimized variety called "white feather chicken". After generation of breeding and hybridization of generations, it has become the fastest growing chicken in the world now.There are many meat and tenderness, not the legendary "hormone."

my country’s clearly stipulates that hormones cannot be used in chicken feed, and the cost of hormones is high and risky. Nowadays, chicken farms will not take this risk and cost.

However, there will be antibiotics in the chicken, because the chickens need antibiotics and vaccines during the growth process, mainly to prevent sickness. The state stipulates that chickens must stop drugs one week before listing, and antibiotics can be metabolized for 3 days in the body.Therefore, as long as it is in a regular place, the chickens you buy can be eaten with confidence.

Many people think that the nutritional value of native chickens is higher than the nutritional value of rapid chickens. Is this true?

From a nutritional perspective, there is no significant difference in nutritional elements such as the protein, vitamins and minerals provided by chickens and large -scale breeding chickens, and the gap can almost ignore.So if it is just to reduce fat and muscle, the cheap and good meat chicken is enough.


It is recommended that "four foods" and "four do not eat"

These parts on the chicken may affect physical health, and it is not recommended to eat it.

1 chicken skin

Chicken skin is also the love of many people. Many people think that eating chicken skin can beauty and beauty. In fact, this statement is not credible.On the contrary, the high content of sebum and cholesterol of chicken, which can easily lead to obesity, induce chronic diseases such as hypertension, hyperlipidemia, diabetes;

2 chicken buttocks

Many people like to eat chicken buttocks, and feel that it is particularly energetic.Chicken butt contains a large amount of fat; there are two types of gonads in tail gland and cavity.

3 chicken brain

High cholesterol content will increase the risk of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases such as coronary heart disease;

4 chicken neck

Chicken neck is a concentrated part of the gland, which may contain some pathogens and metabolic waste that is too late to decompose, which is also harmful to health after consumption.If you want to eat the chicken skin, remove the "small meat" (lymphatic) visible to the naked eye.

However, the four parts of the chickens are rich in nutrition. It is recommended to eat it in moderation.

1 chicken breast

Many weight -loss meals use chicken breasts because the chicken contains the highest potassium content, and the fat content is very low.

2 chicken legs

The content of iron selenium is high, and the heat is 54%of the chicken feet, which has both nutrition and taste.

3 chicken

High protein content, low fat content, excellent low -fat high -protein foods can be eaten in moderation.

4 chicken liver

High iron content is 1.6 times that of sheep liver, and also contains high vitamin A, which can be eaten in moderation.

In general, there is no need to talk about cancer color changes. You can rest assured to eat chicken, but it is recommended to eat less chicken skin, chicken butt, chicken neck, and chicken brain.

Source: Sichuan Famous Medical Number (O31)

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