Choose abortion after accidents, how to help discharge the pregnancy sac?Don’t do stupid things

Because there is no avoidance measures during sexual life, many women have unexpected pregnancy.Many people choose to have a miscarriage when they feel pregnant.In fact, abortion is very harmful to women’s bodies, whether it is choosing a drug flow or artificial abortion to terminate pregnancy.However, in terms of drug flow, the damage to women may be a little smaller than artificial abortion.But the harm is also very large, and many times the gestational sac cannot be discharged.If the gestational sac cannot be discharged, it can only be cleared.If this is the case, how can it help the gestational sac to discharge?

Generally speaking, after taking abortion drugs, the gestational sac is discharged, which means that the miscarriage is successful.Therefore, when many people do drug flow, they hope that the gestational sac in the uterus will be discharged quickly.However, if you want to discharge quickly, you need to do some movements to promote uterine contraction in order to achieve this goal.However, the exercise should not be too severe, because this will become a lot of irritation to the uterine, and it will easily cause some other problems if it is too large.Therefore, it is better to choose some gentle exercises.Try to control the time when exercising, and you can stop and rest after you feel tired.

In fact, whether the gestational sac can be quickly excreted is also related to starting to take aborted drugs.At the beginning, it will take abortion drugs. This drug is a drug that stops the embryo to stop growing.When taking this drug, women can exercise properly.This allows the body to adapt first, and has a good effect on the excretion of the later pregnancy sac.Of course, after taking the drugs excreted by the gestational sac two days later, the gestational sac can be discharged faster.During this period, there may be some situations such as the pain in the lower abdomen. At this time, you need to stay in bed as much as possible. It is better to move less.When your body is not so uncomfortable, you can get up and walk, but don’t take too long.

In short, after the gestational sac is discharged, you must pay more attention to bed rest and walk less, because at this time, the female body is in a very weak state.Of course, at this time, some irritating foods cannot be eaten, but you can eat some warm food so that you can recover quickly.If the gestational sac can not be discharged, you need to consult the doctor to see if the palace is Qing Palace or other ways to discharge the gestational sac.

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