Citrus Live Leaf Moth Effective Prevention and Control Method: It is important to do these points!

Submarine moths are also called ghost paintings. Citrus leaf moths are harmful to tender leaves, tender branches, and sneak into the epidermis with larvae, forming a silver -white bending tunnel, causing the leaf rolls and hardly to fall off.When rolling leaves are formed, a variety of pests such as red spiders, yellow spiders, and leaf moths often gather here to overwinter.The most suitable reproduction temperature of the leaf moth is 24-28 ° C, with a relative humidity of about 80%.It can occur 12-15 in the southern planting area in my country. There are three stages of the peak period of the onset.

1) Spring: Each year from late April to early May of each year, the harm starts when the temperature and humidity is appropriate, and the first peak period occurs.

2) Summer; the second peak period in the middle and middle of June; in July, it mainly harmed the second summer shoot, and there was a low peak before and after the beginning of autumn.

3) Autumn: From late August to early September, it is the peak of the year, and the number of insects is rampant.

How to effectively prevent citrus moth?

1. Agricultural prevention and control

When pruning in the winter garden, check the branches and leaves carefully, and find that the hidden overwinter pupae and larvae should be removed in time to remove the centralized burning and reduce the wintering base.Strengthen cultivation management in the growth season, scientific fertilization and regulation of the use of new shoots to concentrate on the low peak period of adults’ egg laying is the key to prevention and treatment.

When the citrus summer and autumn shoots are drawn, control the water and fertilizer, and take the germination measures of "removing zero, stay in the early morning, and put the tips" to interrupt the food chain and make the summer and autumn shoots neat.To reduce its harm and reduce the number of spray times.Burning the late autumn shoots, winter shoots and victims of the late autumn.

2. Biological prevention

In the period of germination of the new shoots, the use of Caoling, Baixing Ji Bee and predating ants such as citrus leaf moths to protect the natural enemies.

3. Chemical prevention

At that time, the grafting seedlings or rootstock seedlings must be controlled after the new shoots are drawn; the budding period of the young trees grows 0.5-1 cm or the leaf damage rate is 5%or the germination rate of the fields in the field is 25%.Start applying medicine.After 5-7 days in the future, 2-3 times in a row, focusing on the periphery of the crown and the tender shoots.

After the tip is put, the larvae incubation is the best period:

1) The first medicine is mainly to prevent adults.When the summer and autumn shoots grow to 3 mm or have 50%of the new sprouts, spray the drug to prevent and control it; spray the drugs 2-3 times in the evening, once every 6-7 days, until the new shoot is lignified.

2) The second medicine is mainly to prevent the low -aged larvae of the inside of the tickle. Generally, it can be sprayed at noon.

Pharmaceutical suggestions:

2.5%bromylvylcerin lactation 3000-4000 times, 1%mole aminosine phenyl phenyl acid saline powder scattered agent 3000-4000 times liquid, 25%methalum wettable powder 600-800 times liquid, 1.8%Ah Ah Ah, 1.8%Ah AhBacterin emulsion 1500-2000 times liquid spray, 40.7%Lesbon lotion 100 times, 20%killed 800 times chrysanthemum vinegar, 20%eliminating emulsion oil 200 times, etc.When spraying drug control, pay attention to the rotation of different types of potions to avoid the emergence of anti -medicinal properties.Spray once every 5-7 days and spray 2-3 times in a row.

The following quotation: Yi Jiping, a senior agronomist at the Gonggui County Agricultural Science and Technology Service Center, is written according to the morphological characteristics, living habits, laws of life, laws and control technology, so that everyone has a more understanding of the latent leaf moth:

Adults silver white shiny

Drill in the grass during the day

The initial activity of the lantern lantern

Flying on the buds to produce eggs

Three days of eggs to become larvae

Sneak into the leaves on the spot

Eat the leaf meat and leave the skin

Painting the injury leaves is the culprit

Pull the leaves while eating

Twide rolls to pupae

Who can beat the bad tricks?

Pottery natural enemies are not afraid

After a week, pupae moth

Reincarnation and reincarnation

A branches of one generation

There is no submarine moth in the spring shoots

Ten evils are not pardoned with drawing insects

The sin is also poor

Carrying ulcers and ulcers

Destroy the tree and destroy the sky

There are two opportunities for preventing and controlling good opportunities

Adult larva, don’t miss it

Bud long and fast spraying medicine

Sexual induction of insects good effect

Precise medication cannot be estimated

Remember one by one control and two minors

Protect the Yangtze River Farm

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