Clear your knowledge blind area, angelica

Angelica medicinal materials are well known in Chinese medicine.

You may have never eaten it,

But you must have heard of it.

When it comes to angelica, the first to be reminiscent must be the effect of nourishing blood.

So what else is there?

Today, let’s talk about angelica.””

Angelica is called the blood family medicine by medical doctors of all ages.

The effect of blood supplementation is also a household name,

Any disease related to "blood" will use angelica.

There is a saying, called Shifang and Nine,

What does that mean?

When Chinese medicine is in Kaifang, nine of the ten squares will use angelica.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that qi is the beginning of blood, blood is the mother of qi, qi can take blood, blood can load gas, nourish qi can produce blood, and qi prosperity is blood.

Therefore, when treating some people with yellowing, blood deficiency and anemia,

I often add some astragalus,

Angelica Blood Decoction (Angelica, Astragalus) in "Internal and Outside Internal Injury Dislatime" is such an idea.

Sun Siyi called Angelica as "women’s face medicine" in "Thousands of Gold Wings".


Traditional Chinese medicine believes that qi and blood stasis in the body, and poor qi and blood, and have formed spots over time.

The most common is the elderly spots we often say. From the perspective of Chinese medicine, these are the products of blood stasis.

At this time, take a little bit of angelica,

Clear the stasis and clear the blood, and live the qi and blood,

The plaque naturally dissipates.

There is a recipe called Tao Hong Siwu Decoction in "Yizhong Jin Jian", which is particularly treating such ecchymosis.

Angelica can nourish both blood and blood, but also good at regulating menstruation and pain.

Therefore, Angelica has always been known as "menstrual medicine" and "blood in blood".

When women have irregular menstruation, closed menstrual, dysmenorrhea, postpartum abdominal pain and other symptoms,

Angelica can be used for conditioning.

The pain of angelica treatment is roughly divided into two types:

One is painful because of blood deficiency,

The blood in the body consumes too much,

It is not enough to support muscles and bones,

At this time, the body will remind you in a painful way that it should be supplemented.

Second, it hurts because of blood stasis,

Once there is blood stasis in the body,

Chinese medicine said that pain is not through, and it is common.

For this reason, it is light, and it is painful.

Angelica has the effect of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, relieving pain and relieving pain,

At this time, take a little bit of angelica, it is best to add some white peony,

Bai Zhi has the effect of soft liver pain, which can help angelica nourish blood and relieve pain.

Boil water to drink, and the symptoms of pain will naturally relieve.

There is a kind of constipation because of the decrease in the fluid in the intestine,

The fluid has the effect of lubrication. Once the fluid becomes less, it will feel dry and laborious when defecation.

There is a very vivid example of Chinese medicine, calling it a waterless boat.

What does that mean?

Imagine that in the dry riverbed, is there no way to start the ship?

At this time, add a little water,

Angelica has the effect of moisturizing intestinal laxatives, mainly because it can blood, and blood is the fluid.

In addition, the laxes of the angelica will not damage the human body’s righteousness.

Therefore, Angelica is particularly suitable for solving constipation of some elderly people and some serious or long -term patients.

After talking about the various effects of Angelica, let’s talk about which people should not use Angelica.

Patients with multiple menstrual flow

It has been mentioned above that Angelica has the effect of promoting blood circulation.

If there are already a lot of women with a lot of menstruation, they should use angelica cautiously.

Otherwise, it is easy to cause more menstrual flow.

Angelica has a laxative effect,

For some people who are experiencing diarrhea,

Taking angelica will only increase diarrhea.

Therefore, those who have stools should not be used.

Finally, make a simple summary:

Blood deficiency, angelica can make up,

Blood stasis, angelica can be used,

The menstrual period is abnormal, and the angelica can be adjusted.

Intestinal dryness is constipated, and angelica can be moist.

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