Come too fast!The woman was given a baby by her boyfriend for 6 weeks of pregnancy, and the script was suspected to sell the fetus

On June 30, some netizens published a video of a video on their personal social account:

In the video, the woman claimed that she had known each other with her boyfriend for a long time. During the relationship between the two, she was pregnant unexpectedly because she did not take protection measures.

Knowing that she is pregnant, she is about to be a mother. She is very happy in her heart.

Although she hasn’t married her boyfriend, the woman feels that she will be very happy if she hear that she is ready to be a father.

So the woman told her boyfriend in greeted her boyfriend and was about to give birth to the child.

However, what made her unexpected was that her boyfriend suddenly turned her face after hearing the news.

The boyfriend did not agree to give birth to the child and want the woman to kill the child.

One day when she was pregnant 6 weeks, her boyfriend suddenly became considerate and asked her warmly.

Facing the change of her boyfriend’s attitude, the woman thought that her boyfriend turned her mind and was very happy.

In the evening, her boyfriend gave the woman a glass of brown sugar water, and the woman didn’t doubt the one.

The boyfriend told the woman that she secretly mixed with Mifei ketone drugs in brown sugar water she drank last night. In addition, she also added a cold and promoting blood circulation.

As a kind of anticuria drug, mi -perbone can be used as emergency contraceptive measures without protection, or to terminate the existing pregnancy.

The purpose of her boyfriend is to let her girlfriend off the child through the drug. Even if the child is not successful, the child will become deforms.

At that time, the woman will definitely not have the idea of giving birth to the child. It can be seen that the man’s wishful thinking is very good.

When she heard her boyfriend telling the truth, the woman was like a thunderbolt in a sunny day, and she was panicked.

She never expected that her boyfriend would secretly apply the medicine in the back.

I hadn’t encountered such a thing, so I hurried to the hospital for an emergency consultation.

The doctor told the woman that the fetus is too small now, and I can’t see whether it can be kept. They can only wait, and then give the woman some medicine keeping medicine.

When she heard the doctor, the woman was very panicked, and her blood pressure soared to more than 150.

After the video was exposed, netizens sympathized with the women’s encounters, and they repeated the woman’s boyfriend.

Some netizens think:

This boyfriend probably wants to deceive the woman to kill the child, and then break up.

The way a man secretly pressed the medicine was terrible, and he might be dangerous at any time with him.

Some netizens think that this woman wants to give birth to her self.

If you live well, you have to find a cage for yourself, and you have persuaded the girls to not love her at all and break up as soon as possible.

In fact, it is not. After that, the woman’s actions made netizens suspect that the whole thing was a script.

And the ultimate goal of this script is to open the live broadcast to bring the goods, and the fetal medicine is sold.

Friends who opened a pharmacy revealed:

As a prescription drug of a regulatory category, most people can’t buy it at all.

How did this man get these drugs? Is he have the ability of heaven?

Other netizens found that after the woman posted a video, the amount of fans was rising crazy.

On the night when the traffic reached its peak, the woman immediately opened the product window with the goods.

After that, the woman also posted a video of taking tire protection.

Netizens questioned that she had never said the truth from the end. This is a miserable "script", the purpose is to sell tires.

If the woman’s encounter is true, it also shows that her psychological quality is admirable.

Under such circumstances, I still remember how to get traffic through my own miserable experience, and I am too motivated to have a career of their "net red".

In recent years, as an emerging industry, many people do not hesitate to break the bottom line of speculation for various reputation for traffic.

As an audience, you must also polish your eyes and don’t let your sympathy be used.

The original headlines of this article have been launched, and the entire network of protection monitoring has been opened. Do not copy and handle it. Violators must complain!

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