Conceived ~ 4 weeks of pregnancy Lesson 11: How do you know that you are pregnant

I will share with you how to know whether you are pregnant, how to distinguish the pregnancy signs of your body, the correct use of early pregnancy test strips, and whether you need to do a B -ultrasound in the early pregnancy.

What are the signs of pregnancy?

The symptoms of pregnancy mentioned below may not appear immediately after you are pregnant. In other words, not all women will have these pregnancy signs.But if you really have these phenomena, congratulations, the baby is likely to come!

..Breast pain

This pain is very similar to your feeling before menstruation, but it will be stronger.


The cause of fatigue in the early pregnancy is currently uncertain, but the level of rapid increased progesterone may be related to this.

..A small amount of vaginal bleeding

It may appear around 11 to 12 after conception, but the amount of bleeding is very small, which may be red, pink or reddish brown.

..Sensitive to odor

It may be caused by the rapid increase in your body.

..Abdominal bloating

The changes in hormones in early pregnancy may make you feel flatulence.

..Frequent urine

It may begin as early as you were just 6 weeks of pregnancy, and it may last the whole pregnancy.

..feel sick and vomit

Most women appear after about 1 month of conception.

..Basic body temperature is not high

Basic body temperature is high temperature for 18 consecutive days.

..The days are here, but the menstruation does not come

What reminds you is that during the days when you are not sure of your pregnancy, it is best to pay attention not to use the medicine at will, so as not to cause adverse effects on the formed fetus.Sometimes early pregnancy response may make you mistakenly think that you have a cold.

How to use early pregnancy test strips?

Regardless of whether you have the above symptoms of pregnancy, you may be very anxious to let the early pregnancy test strips tell you the accurate results.However, although the early pregnancy test strip is convenient and fast, and it also saves the trouble of going to the hospital for a trip, you still need to pay attention to the following questions when using:

1. When to use early pregnancy test strips?

After one week of menstruation, use early pregnancy test strips.Although the days after you are pregnant, that is, the days when you should have menstruation, some early pregnancy test strips can already test whether you are pregnant, but the test results are not necessarily accurate at this time.

2. Pay attention to the use period of early pregnancy test strips

In addition to the duration of the product itself, early pregnancy test strips are placed in a humid or high temperature environment (such as in a bathroom), and it may also fail.

3. Choose morning urine for testing

After getting up in the morning, the urine concentration is high, and it contains more chorionic gonadotropin (HCG), and the test results will be more accurate.

4. Pay attention to the control line

Most early pregnancy test strips usually have a control line. This line is used to indicate whether this test is valid.If the control line is not displayed correctly, this test may be wrong.

5. When the early pregnancy test strip shows negative

Because the test strip is not 100 % accurate, coupled with factors such as testing methods and testing time, if your test results are negative, but your menstruation has not come, you may still be pregnant.Therefore, do not do anything that is not conducive to pregnancy at this time, pay attention to stay away from radiation, do not take medicine at will.

Do you want to do a B -ultrasound?

Most expectant mothers do not need to do early B -ultrasound. You usually need to do the first B -ultrasound at 18-24 weeks of pregnancy.The only reason you do the B -ultrasound examination before 6 weeks of pregnancy is to exclude the possibility of ectopic pregnancy.

In some cases, for example, if you have a history of miscarriage, undergoing infertility treatment, or bleeding, pain, etc., the doctor may allow you to do an early B -ultrasound between the early pregnancy between 6 and 11 weeks of pregnancy. This isPlanting B -ultrasound is generally done through the vagina.

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