Congratulations!4 billion Taiwanese ladies Liao Xiaoqiao gave birth to his son safely. At the age of 42, he was blocked the most beautiful pregnant woman

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congratulations!The aunt of Sun Yunyun, the "first place in Taiwan", and Qianjin Liao Xiaoqiao of the Breeze Group on January 22, and the son was 3,100 grams of weight.

According to Taiwan media reports, Sun Yunyun was promoted to her aunt, and she said that because the Liao family had not reported that she had not reported in 19 years, Liao Xiaoqiao’s son was born and the whole family was very happy.

Dong Zichun, 11 years older than Liao Xiaoqiao, had informed his wife’s due date before she produced.As a husband, Dong Zichun is very intimate. He calculates time to start vacation and concentrates on accompany Liao Xiaoqiao to produce.

It is understood that Dong Zichun, who is upgraded to be a father, asked for another week after returning to the company, and decided to take care of the family without working overtime at night.

Liao Xiaoqiao is the daughter of Liao Weizhi, the chairman of the late Breeze Group. Her brother Liao Zhenhan is now the chairman of the Breeze Square, and his sister -in -law is Sun Yunyun, the first place in Taiwan.Dong Zichun, 11 years older than Liao Xiaoqiao, is an investment consultant researcher with a monthly salary of about 60,000 Taiwan dollars. He is an ordinary office worker.

Liao Xiaoqiao and her husband Dong Zichun fell in love with low -key and kept secret.It is understood that Dong Zichun is a good friend of Gillian’s ex -husband Lai Hongguo, so he met Sun Yunyun’s girlfriend.Liao Xiaoqiao and her husband also met when they met with Gillian.

Liao Xiaoqiao announced in February 2019 that she would be married to Dong Zichun. After marriage, she always expressed her desire to get pregnant.In July last year, she announced on the social platform that she and her husband would be a mother and mother.

It is understood that Liao Xiaoqiao announced that the children’s shoes in her hands were bought as early as 2015, and now she finally welcomed the little master who wished.

In fact, Liao Xiaoqiao has been called "the most beautiful pregnant woman" since she became pregnant.At the age of 42, she not only did not become ugly after pregnancy. Except for her belly, she had little change in her body. Earlier, she also made the cover character in January for a parent -child magazine.

Last October, the sisters and sisters of the ladies such as Sun Yunyun, a newborn party held for Liao Xiaoqiao.At that time, she also used the water -blue bear -shaped cake and balloon to reveal that the boy was pregnant.

During her pregnancy, Liao Xiaoqiao also said with a smile that she said that her son would be like a mother.I am Gemini, and I am very satisfied with my son is Aquarius, because both are wind -stricars, and they will be very good.

After learning that Liao Xiaoqiao was born, his brother and mother were very happy.

Liao Zhenhan, the current chairman of the Breeze Group, said in an interview: "The nephew is very healthy, Xiao Qiao is also safe and very happy. He adds a new member at home and thanks to the outside world for your concern."

In fact, Liao Xiaoqiao has always been different from the ordinary rich second generation.Although she is the pearl of her father and brother, she belongs to the type of a strong woman in her career.Liao Xiaoqiao is studying a plane design at the university, and is very unique to art. There are many designs about the Breeze Square.

Liao Xiaoqiao once said that he was in a state of fate about marriage and child.Before meeting her husband Dong Zichun, she has been comparing herself to "kite".Liao Xiaoqiao said that her husband Dong Zichun is the one who can pull the line.

The editor thinks that Liao Xiaoqiao is really beautiful after pregnancy. It can be said that it is a well -deserved "most beautiful pregnant woman". I wish Liao Xiaoqiao’s baby’s healthy growth and bless her and her husband Dong Zichun’s sweet life.


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