Congratulations!41 -year -old Zhao Xiaoqiao Xuan Xuan was pregnant, and he was struggling with a 12 -year -old husband to ask for a dream.

On February 19, actor Zhao Xiaoqiao shared the good news of his pregnancy on his personal social platform.

She posted: "To all friends who care about me all the way, thank you, you can tell you that I am pregnant!"

In the photo, Zhao Xiaoqiao held a healthy manual of a pregnant woman, with a happy smile on his face.Although it is already forty years old, the old man is still disappeared under the face.

Everyone may be unfamiliar with the name "Zhao Xiaoqiao", but when she sees her face, she will feel familiar.

Zhao Xiaoqiao was originally known as Zhao Hongqiao and once played an important role in many Taiwan Province’s hit TV series, such as Fan Yunxi, a fiancee of Shan Junhao in "Prince Become a Frog".

"Smile Pasta" Princess leader Rita in Dingfeng University.

Of course, in addition to the actor’s identity, she is also a very outstanding singer. When she debuted, she was named "Seven Flowers".Knowing singles are included in the film and television dramas she starred in.

It is understood that Zhao Xiaoqiao had a well -known host and screenwriter Liu Liangzuo in 2011 with the 12 -year -old who was 12 -year -old. In 2017, the two of the diamond marine churches in Okinawa, Japan completed the wedding. The man had a son with his ex -wife named Liu Zizhen.

After marriage, both sides have always wanted a child belonging to each other.

However, due to various reasons, Zhao Xiaoqiao has not succeeded in conception.In the official announcement of the official announcement, she shared the difficulty of asking for a son since she got married.

She revealed that she had done a test tube for more than a year. The people around me include her husband and Zi Zi, who always hoped to have a younger brother and sister. In the end, she couldn’t bear to see her so many needles and took so many medicines.

But after 40 years of age, she became more and more clear about the most important thing in her life. There was a baby.

In order to prepare for pregnancy, she insisted on not spraying perfumes, dyeing hair, adjusting the schedule, and even pushing off her loved drama performance and film and television work.

Zhao Xiaoqiao also said that after more than this year, he had experienced a manual conception and two test tubes. Finally, he hoped that he could share the joy of successful pregnancy and share it with every female friend who was struggling on the road of asking for children.

In recent years, the news that female stars have been "begging for children" are actually common. For example, Zhang Ting, who is now being a micro -business rich, once revealed that her eldest daughter was a baby who had only got a thousand stitches.

There is also an actress Chen Zihan. Some time ago, she also revealed in the live broadcast room that she was preparing for pregnancy, because she had not filmed for three years, but God failed to let her dream.

It is reported that Chen Zihan is also 45 years old this year. A few years ago, she married her 9 -year -old husband, and the two were still sweet.

I have to sigh that each family has their own different choices. Some people would rather want Dink to choose to continue to highlight their careers. Some people think that the husband and husband are the best things in life.Hey.Of course, no matter what the final choice is, it is worthy of understanding and respect.

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