Congratulations!TVB Vision Emperor announced that the 10 -year -old rich second -generation wife was pregnant, and the annual salary of 3 million was still mocking soft rice

On June 1 Children’s Day, the well -known Hong Kong star Yuan Weihao announced on his personal social account that his wife Zhang Baoer was pregnant. As soon as the news came out, he immediately attracted attention.

Yuan Weihao wrote that your arrival makes us feel extremely happy. Everything starts from the beginning, grates, and builds our lives.At the same time, he also took a photo of B -ultrasound and took a group photo with his husband and wife.

In the photo of the husband and wife, he and Zhang Bao’er were wearing black clothes and dressed up.The two who are about to be promoted to their parents, laughed so that they couldn’t hold their mouths, they could feel the joy across the screen.

After Yuan Weihao’s good news spread, the stars have commented on congratulations.Observing it carefully, he limited the comments of netizens, and it is estimated that he wanted to ask for purity.

Yuan Weihao accepted an exclusive interview with the media later and asked about the mood of being a dad. He was very happy. For the first time, he really wanted to cry when he watched the B timeout. This is a good coming.Work hard, do my own work, and hope that my wife and baby will be healthy, and I will also be healthy.

Zhang Bao’er also accepted an interview. She said that she had always wanted to have children, so she worked hard to manage her figure. She felt very tired and sleepy after pregnancy. She still had backache and bone pain. At first she thought she was too tired to take a plane.She also pointed out that when I saw B -ultrasound listening to the baby’s heartbeat, she felt amazing and shocking.

Zhang Baoer also mentioned that when her mother -in -law learned that she was going to hold her grandson, she couldn’t be happy. She always had soup for her to drink.

Yuan Weihao is a popular boy in TVB. He has starred in a lot of film and television dramas for many years. He has been recognized as his acting skills. In the past, he has been loved by audience friends.

In 2018, he won Malaysia and Singapore’s favorite TVB actor with "Time of Dongren", and won the two places with his friend Huang Zhiwen.

However, since Yuan Weihao’s 10 -year -old Zhang Baoer, Yuan Weihao continued to question. Everyone no longer focused on his acting skills, but instead liked his private life.

Zhang Baoer is a rich second -generation, and his father has more than 100 million yuan.She was not interested in doing business, but she liked to perform very much, so she participated in the Hong Kong sister competition.

During the shooting show, she met Yuan Weihao. The two quickly wiped out the spark of love and then registered to get married.

Yuan Weihao’s income was not low. He had been exposed to about 3 million annual salary before, ranking fifth among TVB’s young students, second only to Chen Zhanpeng.

However, after he married the rich family, netizens frequently ridiculed him to eat soft rice.When he lived in a 60 million mansion after his marriage, the outside world questioned his husband’s expensive wife, and he could afford such a expensive house by helping his father -in -law.

Yuan Weihao did not swallow it, and he returned to the outside world more than once.He scolded, what did I owe you, trouble, don’t hate people, wealth, and poor.I have done so much work in the past years, and money has been earned.

To tell the truth, although TVB has a low salary, Yuan Weihao is a first -line niche, and has made his debut for so many years. Even if he is not as good as Zhang Baoer, he will not be poor. Everyone really does not need to be so harsh to him.

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