Constipation during pregnancy is not trivial!How big is the fetus?

Constipation during pregnancy is the trouble that most expectant mothers cannot hide.Pregnant mothers are constipated. It is a trivial matter. The most concerned about expectant mothers is whether constipation will affect the fetus in the abdomen.How to prevent constipation during pregnancy, is there any way to cure or prevent?Today I will answer the doubts of constipation during pregnancy ~

Netizens "I’m not Xiaoyueyue": Why are pregnant women easy to make constipation?

I have been pregnant for 6 months. I often have constipation during this time. I usually pay attention to the healthy diet. What is the reason for the pregnant woman’s constipation?What are the differences between constipation during pregnancy and postpartum constipation?

Pregnant women’s constipation is mainly due to the impact of pregnancy hormones, decreased gastrointestinal motility, decreased smooth muscle tension, and gastric emptying time and intestinal transportation time.The stool is prolonged in the stool, and the water is absorbed, resulting in dry stool and constipation.

The difference between constipation during pregnancy and postpartum constipation:

The cause of constipation during pregnancy is related to gastrointestinal peristalsis affecting gastrointestinal peristalsis. After childbirth, due to weakness or pain in incision after childbirth, the maternal dare not defecate.Coupled with the more bed in bed and less activity, it affects the rectal peristalsis. After childbirth, the abdominal muscles and the bottom of the basin are relaxed, which will also cause or aggravate constipation.

Netizens "slippery ball": What is the harm of constipation during pregnancy?

After pregnancy, constipation, my body is affected, will the baby in my stomach also be affected?What diseases will it cause if it is affected?

There are mainly the following points of constipation during pregnancy:

1. Constipation during pregnancy will lead to or aggravate the hemorrhoids of pregnant women, which will affect the development of the fetus, and the chances of fetal growth are limited and fetal distress.

2. Affect delivery.Some stools accumulated in the intestine in the intestinal tube hindered the fetal decline during childbirth, causing extension or even difficulty in the production process.

3. At the same time, constipation will make the skin of pregnant women rough, unpleasant, and loses moisturizing, producing pregnant women.Due to constipation, most people will defecate hard, but hard bowel movements will increase hemorrhoids, which will seriously lead to intestinal obstruction and need surgical intervention.At the same time, it may induce contraction, leading to abortion or premature birth.

Netizen "Pig Little Girl": What should I eat to prevent constipation?

It is easy to constipation during pregnancy and postpartum. Can constipation be conditioned through diet?How can mothers who are easy to be constipated to prevent their diet?

You can ingest vegetables and fruits and coarse grains rich in crude fiber. Cooking vegetables should be boiled as much as possible instead of stir -fry on high heat, which is helpful to relieve constipation.

Vegetables include: spinach, amaranth, carrots, potatoes, etc.;

Coarse grains are: black bread, oatmeal, etc.;

Fruit: bananas, apples, pears, citrus, dragon fruit, strawberry, etc.It is recommended to diversify food.If you have gestational diabetes, you need to monitor blood sugar and doctors’ diet guidance.

Eat more organic acids such as yogurt;

You can also eat pine nuts, black sesame, and melon seeds to eat foods containing fatty acids;

Drink plenty of water and drink a glass of boiling water or cool water on an empty stomach every morning.Proper exercise can promote intestinal movement.

Taboo: Xiangxin seasoning is such as mustard, pepper, ginger, and Chenpi.

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