Continue to high temperature and be careful of heat stroke!Do you know about fever?

Source: China Meteorological Bureau

This year

A wave of high temperatures follows a wave of waves

According to the National Climate Center

As of June 30

my country’s average high temperature (daily maximum temperature ≥35 ℃)

The number of days is 4.1 days

Compared to the same year (2.2 days)

1.9 days more

It is the most in history since 1961

Although the high temperature intensity and scope of the area in North China and Huanghuai will significantly reduce the high temperature, there are still large -scale high -temperature weather in Jiangnan and South China.

From the 5th, the temperature of Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, Huanghuai and other places will rise again.Essence

At high temperature

According to reports

Some people are diagnosed with fever irritation

So what exactly is fever?

What is the difference between reconciliation of heat stroke?

How to identify and how to prevent it?


What exactly is fever

According to the online version of "The Consensus of the Diagnostic and Treatment of the PLA Medical Magazine" in 2019: "Thermal Ettery" is a fatal disease caused by heat damage factors to the body.Or the body’s heat production and heat dissipation imbalance caused by severe exercise.

Thermal irritation usually occurs at high temperature in summer and is accompanied by high humidity.

When the temperature is too high, the moisture and electrolytic balance in the human body will be destroyed, causing a series of physical discomfort such as dizziness and chest tightness. This situation is called heat stroke.

The "fever" is severe heat stroke in the grading of heat stroke.

The symptoms of mild heat stroke are nausea, dizziness, and weakness.At this time, you must be vigilant, so you can stay there.

Severe heat strokes must also be divided into three stages: heat spasm, because a large amount of sweat causes the loss of electrolytes, and symptoms of body convulsions and unclear consciousness; more severely evolved into heat failure, high temperature continues, orgasm dysfunction;The seriousness is thermal irritation. The temperature of the internal organs exceeds 42 ° C, and cell dysfunction occurs.

The fever refers to the dysfunction of body temperature regulation caused by high temperature and excessive accumulation of heat in the body, which causes damage to neurological organs.

It is usually manifested as high fever, body temperature reaches above 40 ° C, dry skin heat without sweat, conscious disorder, organs failure.If not in time and proper treatment, the mortality rate of fever is 20%to 70%, and patients over 50 years old can be as high as 80%.


Key people of thermal radiation prevention prevention

There are two main types of key groups of thermal irritation:

Mainly due to high -intensity physical activity caused the body to produce heat and heat dissipation imbalance. Healthy young people who are common in summer strenuous exercise, such as officers and soldiers, athletes, firefighters, and construction workers in summer.

Individuals who are common in young people, pregnant women and elderly bodies, or those with chronic basic diseases or damage to immune function are usually passive exposure to the heat production of the body and the imbalance of heat production and heat dissipation.

// Not necessarily exposure to get fever.

Many people think that heat stroke is only related to the high temperature, but it is not.

The human body’s feeling of heat does not exactly depends on temperature, and it is also related to meteorological factors such as humidity.When the humidity of the air reaches 80%to 90%, it is difficult to emit sweat. At this time, even if the air temperature is only about 32 ° C, the human body will feel uncomfortable.When relative humidity drops to 30%, the human body’s high temperature resistance can even reach 38 to 39 ° C.

In addition, under the same temperature and humidity conditions, the better the ventilation environment is, and the higher the human body’s tolerance to high temperature.In addition, factors such as personal constitution, direct sunlight, and working environment will also be distributed on human body heat, and whether the physical regulating function is in a good state.

Do not walk into a misunderstanding. It is not only a physical worker who has been exposed to the big sun for a long time will suffer from thermal ejaculation. The old and weak urban residents will be in a sultry environment for a long time.


How to prevent and treat

Prevention is important!IntersectionIntersection

Special groups such as the elderly, children and outdoor workers are high -incidence people of "fever irritation". Please try to achieve the following points when prevention:

Avoid going out during high temperature hours:

Especially minimize outing at noon during noon to avoid long -term direct sunlight.If you cannot avoid, pay more attention to physical changes, and carry heat -proof and cooling medicines if necessary

Strengthen ventilation and maintain the right room temperature:

The air conditioning adjustment room temperature can be properly opened during high temperature periods, and it is best to control about 26 ° C.Keep indoor ventilation as much as possible, do not stay in the air -conditioned room for a long time, otherwise the indoor and outdoor temperature difference will weaken the human body’s tolerance and resistance to high temperature.

Long -term direct sun exposure needs to be protected:

In the hot summer, outdoor activities must be prepared for heatstroke prevention: such as sunscreen and shading, drinking plenty of light saline, etc., rest and try to maintain the law of life as much as possible.Don’t work for a long time in a closed high temperature environment.


In high temperature and high humidity environments, if heartbeat acceleration, dizziness, headache, and shortness of breath occur, you must move to a cool and ventilated place as soon as possible.

Once the following symptoms occur, it means that the symptoms of heat stroke are likely to endanger life:

Dizziness, fighting headache, nausea, high body temperature (oral temperature greater than 39.5 ° C), red and hot skin, dry and sweat, fear of cold, fast and heavy pulse, blurred consciousness, unclear mouth, unrequited personnel, etc.

You can take the following measures for treatment:


When you move the patient to a cool place, you can use a cool and wet towel or ice bag to compress the head, underarms, and thigh roots; you can wipe the patient’s body with cold water. If you have conditions, you can also soak the patient’s body with cold water.

Monitor the body temperature:

Persist in helping patients to cool down until the temperature drops to 38 ° C.

Call for help:

Dial 120, 110, etc. to seek more guidance and help.

Notice!Don’t drink water for patients!IntersectionIntersection

Sometimes, patients’ muscles have unsatisfactory convulsions due to heat irritation.When this happens, prevent the patient from hurting himself.Don’t put anything in the patient’s mouth, don’t try to feed the liquid to supplement him/her.If vomiting occurs, please turn the patient’s body to lie on the side to ensure that the respiratory tract is unobstructed.

// remind!The above self -rescue measures can not truly replace the medical treatment. Let the patient get professional treatment as soon as possible //

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