Cost with the quotation of pregnant mothers in October

For each woman, it is the happiest thing for each woman. It is the crystallization of the love of the two people. The best gift from God to the two lovers.Although hard, everything is worth it.

Pregnancy is a very long process for every woman. How do you spend in October in October? Some people may resign at home to raise their tires at home, and some people may stick to the moment when they are about to be about to be born.EssenceSome people may go to work to the middle. Due to some special circumstances, they will take leave at home to give birth.And me, it was difficult to cook until the third trimester, and I took maternity leave for more than a month in advance.Next, I will share with you the whole pregnancy of my whole pregnancy to prepare some daily necessities about delivery, as well as the precautions of the third trimester, experience

Preparation for the production package

When the baby is about to give birth, as a novice mother, no need to prepare in advance, so as not to be messy.Through some experienceders, most of them are going to start with these newborns in seven months of pregnancy.Perhaps the first time to be a mother is inevitable. It is inevitable that I do n’t know which are good or bad. I can only rely on my own knowledge to see some experienced pregnant mothers sharing experience.Or the parenting APP, such as Xiaohongshu, Douyin, Pregnancy Butler, Mother’s Network.From this you will find that you will not be confused, just like the entire book of the encyclopedia. All you encounter can be solved.

Reasonably control the daily diet

We need to pay attention to controlling diet throughout the pregnancy. Too thin will cause baby to develop poor development. Too fat will cause the fetus to be huge and difficult to give birth.So the weight of the entire pregnancy is controlled at 12-16 kg.I increased by 28 pounds, and I was relatively fast.So control your diet as much as possible.In all the checkups, the more important inspections are green lights.NT, Tang’s screening, four -dimensional color photos.Pioneering heart monitoring has passed smoothly.The disadvantage is that the sugar is not able to resist, and the blood glucose is a bit high.Perhaps it is fruit to eat too much.Excess sugar.Therefore, in order to control blood sugar, he often uses blood glucose meter to detect his blood glucose index.So as not to go to the time of the fetus, it will cause dystocia.

You can eat more fruits during pregnancy. The skin given to the baby will still be very white. Avoid eating too much greasy food.You can also buy some calcium tablets to supplement calcium.It may be more uncomfortable in the first three months of pregnancy, with poor appetite, and vomiting and nausea. After this stage, it will be much better.Not only did it not be long in weight, but also thinner and couldn’t eat anything. By the fourth month, the appetite increased greatly and the weight soared.However, weight is also an important indicator during pregnancy, and pay more attention.

I don’t know more about experienced Baoma, or more Baidu.Only strictly ask yourself, hold your mouth, and open your legs.The inspection will only be unblocked all the way.

Stick to appropriate exercise daily

At that time, I thought I was bored at home.So try to find something as much as possible.I bought a yoga mat, and woke up in the afternoon to do gymnastics for pregnant women.Activity activity.Shake and shake the spirit.Or learn some cross -border e -commerce knowledge, and at 5.6 pm, go downstairs and walk around.take a walk.Listen to prenatal education or stories at night.Let your baby familiarize this life rhythm.By happy with my mother every day.

Nearly precautions for property

1. Each pregnant mother should pay special attention to the third trimester. After the full moon, there may be signs of birth at any time. This situation must be prepared at home and minimize the out of delivery.In case the baby suddenly comes, it can’t be caught off guard.

2. Some mothers may be edema in the third trimester, minimize the movement as much as possible, and pay more attention to rest

3. When it is about to give birth, the secretions increase, and there are more urine than usual, and you need to pay attention to observation.

4. The sense of compression at the bottom of the pelvis worsen, the stomach has a sinking feeling, the chest pressure is not so large, and the breathing is smooth

5. If there is a case of amniotic fluid break, when you see red, frequent contractions and regularity, just like the twiste of the menstrual menstruation.Ready to go to the hospital at any time to give birth

6. Determine the hospital for delivery in advance, so as not to be busy

Looking forward to the baby’s arrival

I believe that every child is a priceless treasure for mothers.Only when you are a mother can you know.Children’s health is the greatest wish for each parent.No matter how.We are all looking forward to greeting our little cute arrival.Feel this wonderful world.

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