Couples have been together for a long time, and the man has intensified his unwillingness to give giving gifts. Netizens: Women should take care of themselves

In ancient times, for the majority of marriage, what was obeyed was the life of parents and the words of the media.Marriage events are to obey the arrangements of their parents.

Men and women cannot meet before marriage. Only on the wedding night, they know what the other person looks like.At that time, although men and women had not got along before they got married, the divorce rate was also very low.

With the development of society and the advancement of the times, people’s thinking is becoming more and more open, and the marriage event advocates free love.Many men and women have not received a marriage certificate, and they live together.

This marriage mode is more free for unmarried men and women, and the scope of choice is more wide, but there are many disadvantages.Men and women live together. In the end, if they can enter the wedding hall, it is okay. Once they break up, the psychological pressure faced by women is far greater than that of men.

Recently, a woman in Heilongjiang shared her emotional encounter that caused many netizens to watch and hotly debate. Some netizens said that women should be self -respect.

The woman shared that she was free to fall in love with her boyfriend. She has been together for several years and has lived together for several years.

In the past few years, her boyfriend is still very good to her.Her life cares for her, and she also takes care of her feelings very much.After a few years, the two were going to work together to enter the palace of marriage.Unexpectedly, when the two were sitting together to talk about the gift, they kept talking.

The boyfriend’s house is in rural areas. The woman’s parents hope that the man can down payment a small house.No, if there is a child in the future, the two still rent a house everywhere.At the same time, the man is required to have a car of tens of thousands of dollars as a mobility tool.

As for the colorful gift, the woman’s parents demanded 160,000. However, the parents of the woman said that they would not have a penny, they would let the daughter bring it, and they would subsidize some of them.

In short, the woman’s parents believe that everything is thought for the two.I hope that both parents will work hard and give their new home a starting point.

But the man’s parents, don’t say that you can buy a house and buy a car for his son.In the years when her boyfriend and women have lived together, both of them have also been moonlight, and they have never had the concept of saving money.

Therefore, the key to the problem is stuck here.Therefore, the wedding has not been ordered.

Just when the two were very unhappy about this, the woman was pregnant with children at this time.The woman’s parents urged the man’s parents to take out their attitudes.

The man’s home was simply unwilling to come out, and the woman was aside.At this time, they believe that women are pregnant, they have to marry, and they have to marry without marrying.

At this moment, the woman wanted to cry without tears. When talking about money, her boyfriend also seemed to have changed her face. She was always cold or hot to the woman, and she never had the affection before.

The woman’s parents are also counting their daughter, thinking that her daughter should not live before marriage, otherwise, she will not make things so passive.

In the end, the woman was in pain and broke up with her boyfriend.What makes people chill is that her boyfriend not only has not retained, but also gladly agreed.

After her boyfriend always feels that the woman is pregnant, she will be held by it, and she will definitely come to marry herself.What her boyfriend does not know is that the woman’s heart was extremely cold, and she was disappointed enough. When she decided to turn around, her attitude was very determined.

When her boyfriend learned that the woman was really going to break up, she tried to put down her body to restore the relationship between the two, and did not hesitate to talk about the child.At this time, the woman was decided, and she decided to refuse her boyfriend’s request, and then turned away.

Later, it is said that her boyfriend’s parents also tried to persuade them to be together, and they also hoped to meet the requirements of the woman through hard work.At this time, the woman’s heart was ashamed and directly refused them.A good wedding eventually lost at the gift.

In this regard, some netizens said that the man did not want to make up the ticket on the car, and he could not completely blame the man. The woman himself was responsible. Who asked you not to lighten your eyes before getting on the car!

Some netizens said that women should be self -respectful, do not live together before marriage.Many men are like this now, and when they raise their pants, they turn their faces and don’t recognize others.

However, some netizens believe that recognizing the true face of this man before marriage may not be a bad thing.The woman should break up with her boyfriend to stop loss in time.

After watching the woman’s sharing, I was really sad.The feelings of several years seem to be defeated in front of Cai Li. In fact, it is a gift to look at the demon mirror, and the true face of her boyfriend and family.

At this section of bones, the two broke up, although it brought great harm to women.But before marriage, I knew my boyfriend’s true face and stopped losses in time. Is it a good thing?

The nature of her boyfriend is the same. After marriage, there is always the day when the nature is exposed. At that time, I realized that he was a man, and it was too late to regret it.

In addition, if you want to say a word to your boyfriend, don’t be clever, you still have to be kind.The pattern is too small, and it is you who suffer.Marriage is equal.Things do too much, and the final ending is mostly chicken flying eggs.

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