Crayon Shinhin is actually 30 years old!

In August 1990, Mau Hyo Ren serialized the comic "Crayon Shinhin" in "Weekly Manga Action", and the "bad boy" wearing red T -shirts and yellow shorts was born.

If Xiaoxin can grow up, he is 30 years old this year.

Our generation, we grew up when I watched "Crayon Crayon Xiaoxin", Xiaoxin was 30 years old. We also said goodbye to our childhood, teenagers, and went to adults.

After growing up, maybe I don’t have so much time watching the animation, but the memory of their family is particularly deep.

The most stinky office worker Nodahara Hiroshi, the housewives Meiyu, seeing the handsome guy’s eyes glowing, the well -known "marshmallow" Xiaobai.

There is also the "unfair" boy, Noda Nishi, who likes to get drilling to the bottom of his elder sister’s skirt, and even Teacher Ji Yong does not let go.

He pitted his mother and made Misaki embarrassed in the public.

Everywhere he goes is the sperm.

He was full of yellow waste.

It is such a family that made us like it for many years.

They often bowed apologies for Xiaoxin’s naughty. They often mixed with small new men and women. They carried 32 years of mortgage. They had to go to the mall to buy on the mall on the discount date.

However, they are the happiest family. Although they are disgusted with each other, they are full of love for people at home.

Although Guang Zhi always thought about beautiful girls, his favorite is still beautiful.

One episode of kindergarten holds a bazaar, and each parent has to do hand -made sale.

Other people’s mother made good looks, sold one by one, and only the scarf that was not good -looking is still there.

The embarrassing Misaki slipped away with the excuse of buying water. After seeing it, the scarf sold out soon, and the haze in the heart of Misaki suddenly dispersed.

The next day, the corner of the scarf was exposed from Guangzhi’s briefcase. In fact, it was Guangzhi who bought the scarf.

After going out, he took out his scarf and surrounded his neck with satisfaction.

As for the mother, as the mother of the two children, she would send Xiaoxin to kindergarten, but also take care of Xiaokui and take care of the whole family.

The hard -working Miso always disliked Xiaoxin naughty, and often hit Xiaoxin into a bunch of bags.

However, a episode of Xiaoxin fell to amnesia. After returning home, he knew that he had received toys and would organize his shoes, which completely turned into the kind of good child that Mei Xun wanted.

But Meiyi couldn’t get up, listening to Xiaoxin calling her aunt, looking at the good child in front of her, she was sad than anyone else.

In the final analysis, Xiaoxin was unscrupulous because he was spoiled by his parents.

Under the appearance of Xiaoxin’s love, there is also a gentle heart.

I remember that a episode was pregnant, and Xiaoxin mistakenly thought that her mother’s life was only three months left.

When he thought of seeing his mother anymore, he was very sad. He sat in front of the house and waited for the mother who went to the hospital to go home.

When I saw Mei Ji return, Xiao Xin immediately flew over and told his mother, "Don’t die, I will obediently obedient, and I will collect the toys."

This family is a typical suspect.

In many people’s hearts, they are envious of their family. If you want to choose the happiest family in anime, I believe many people will choose the family.

We saw their family, seeing big, and seeing ourselves as a tenth -level scholar of "Crayon Shin".

Sometimes speaking is "new words and new words". When you meet someone you like, you want to ask: "Do you like to eat green peppers?" When you go home, you always say something: "You are back", and you want to haveOne day can save the world like a dynamic Superman.

Although life is not an animation, we are happy to have Xiaoxin accompanied us. We are also happy.

The 5 -year -old boy accompanied us to grow. We grew up from 5 years old to adults and started school, graduation, work, and entered the society.

However, after entering the society, many people’s lives have been filled with work. Even when I eat, I don’t have time to watch a episode of "Crayon Shin".

At this time, he will become more and more wanted to be Xiaobai. He can be protected by Xiaoxin, and a family will accompany each other.

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