Cruel animal parents

Anyone who has raised a peacock fish knows that when the motherfish is about to "give birth", it is best to prepare a "infant room" for it to separate the newly born small fish and female fish, otherwise the small fish will likely become a motherFor fish’s meal, the malachfish family is difficult to prosper.Some people may think that peacock fish is just an example, and this phenomenon is quite common in the animal world.Hamsters, snakes, lizards, long -lasting, birds, etc., all have the behavior of swallowing offspring.This is very ridiculous. Isn’t breeding offspring the primary goal of every life?Why do you eat the offspring?

Scientists call this behavior of animals as parent -child.Through long -term observation and a large amount of data accumulation, they believe that this is one of the survival strategies of animals: eating offspring is to gain advantages.These advantages are specifically manifested in three aspects, and the most obvious one is to meet the needs of their own energy and nutrition.When female animals give birth, they must start care and take care of "newborns", but premise that their own nutritional conditions are good.When the environment is relatively bad, it is difficult to predator, or the postpartum state of female animals is too poor, eating some offspring to restore physical strength is a last resort.

This one is often closely related to another advantage -improve the survival rate of offspring.For example, if a female bear gave birth to four cubs, two of them were too weak, sick, or even deformity, then it would likely kill and eat weak cubs.This not only provides energy directly for the female bear, but also reduces the number of cubs waiting to be fed, avoids the risks that the weak offspring may bring to the entire family, and the competition between their living resources such as food and other brothers, so as to thusMake the female bear better raise the remaining two healthy cubs.

For animals, the number of offspring is often an instinct.Scientists have done a study, and female hamsters with 8 to 9 cubs under the nest will eat 2 cubs on average.If you add 2 cubs to the hamster nest, the female hamster will eat 4.But if some cubs are taken away from the nest when the female hamster is born, it will not swallow the cub.This shows that the behavior of female hamsters is purely to control the number of cubs, thereby increasing the survival rate of the remaining cubs, ensuring that they can grow up and pass on their genes.

In addition, this is to get more mature offspring and get more mating opportunities.Sand shrimp tiger fish is a very interesting small marine fish.Male fish built nests on the sea to attract spouse.After mating, it will carefully care for the eggs under the females. The work tasks include keeping the nest clean, and gently fanning the eggs with fins to promote the smooth progress of the incubation.However, not every egg will enjoy the patience and care from the male fish.Sometimes, for the next mating as soon as possible, the male fish will swallow the part of the egg that has not incubated in the nest.

Animals cruelly swallow their descendants are the less pleasant side of nature.But in view of the above hypothesis, we can be sure that although this approach seems to be cold and ruthless, it is a move that an animal has made by weighing the environment.(Zhang Xuan)

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