cry!After pregnancy, I grew another pair of new breasts, which can also secrete milk

In summer, it comes vigorously, and many little fairy can’t wait to arrange the suspender skirt and small vest.

But there is also a type of little fairy who cannot achieve freedom of dressing.Since the pregnancy, there have been an additional "坨" meat under the armpits on both sides …

Patients who often consult the armpit mass during pregnancy during the clinic, because of the problem of cancer, the final diagnosis is only formed by side milk.

But this experience affects the mood and health of women during pregnancy.

What is a paramilk

Before each lady came out of her mother’s fetus, there were two rows of mammary glands, which were distributed in the connection range of armpits and groin, which would form 8-12 pairs of breasts.

After birth, these breasts are degraded, and only the pair of breasts of the 4-5 intercostal grows.If other breasts grow, it is formed by the auxiliary milk.

Why does a paramilk during pregnancy

Under the action of estrogen hormones during pregnancy, breasts will gradually increase and prepare for breastfeeding.

Correspondingly, those degenerate breasts may gradually grow out under the stimulation of hormones, and eventually form a pair of milk.

The auxiliary milk is also a breast

Milk milk is also a breast, containing breast prostate cells, which will produce milk during lactation.

However, there is no nipple and no milk discharge, so it can cause problems such as milk stasis, node, pain and discomfort.

Nursing of sub -breast milk

Some women in the pregnancy period will appear auxiliary milk, but the possibility of evil changes is not very great.

Generally for the formation of the formation of sub -breasts during pregnancy:

☞ reduces stimulus

部 Pain can apply local hot compresses

月 After weaning, the ultrasound examination of the ultrasound test clearly diagnosed

Surgical treatment of sub -milk

The auxiliary milk that needs surgery:

和 Parallel milk greatly affects work and life

显 The auxiliary milk has an obvious nodule in the local area, and the ultrasonic examination is clearly diagnosed

In short, due to changes in hormone levels, the original degraded breasts came out.However, most of them are benign lesions, which are the category of vice milk, not breast cancer.Do a good job of breast care, just follow the clinic, and treat it if necessary.

Chinese business reporter Chen Mengyang According to Northwest Women and Children’s Hospital

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