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On June 18, the relevant person in charge of the Dalian Medical Security Bureau guest was a guest of "12345 Government Services Hotline" programs for the FM103.3 Broadcasting and Television, which answered questions such as maternity insurance benefits that citizens care about.


What are the benefits of participating in women’s fertility?


Women’s insured personnel will enjoy maternity and medical expenses and fertility allowances during the treatment period.

■ The treatment of maternity medical expenses includes prenatal examination fees and inpatient medical expenses. Among them, inpatient medical expenses are directly settled according to the basic medical insurance payment standards for each designated medical institution; the prenatal inspection fee standard is 800 yuan.

■ Fertility allowances are paid according to employees enjoying statutory vacation days.


How many days to pay for maternity allowances?


According to the "Special Regulations for Women’s Workers’ Labor Protection", holidays,

■ Female employees have a 98 -day allowance treatment. If it is difficult to produce (including cesarean section), it will increase maternity leave for 15 days.

■ If you have a polyphony, you will have 1 babies for each extra babies and increase maternity leave for 15 days.

■ At the same time, it is complied with the "Liaoning Provincial Population and Family Planning Regulations", and the number of allowances has increased by 60 days.

Number of days of family planning surgery allowances:

■ Female employees have ended their pregnancy within 4 months (<16 weeks) for 15 days.

■ For more than 4 months of pregnancy (≥16 weeks), the pregnancy is terminated for 42 days.

■ 3 days of vacation on the upper ring; 2 days for taking the ring.

■ Venture tube ligation and vacation on the 21st.

■ 10 days of dharma ligation and vacation.

■ Turbus repeat for vacation on the 21st.

■ 15 days of vitamin dharma resumption vacation.


What are the conditions for enjoying maternity allowances?


Female employees require employers to pay for maternity insurance costs in full and in full on time. Male employees require the employer to pay the maternity insurance costs in full and full during pregnancy.


Do you need to report early in the country?


Female employees who have fertilized in different places should conduct self -service temporary medical treatment for the WeChat public account of the Dalian Medical Insurance Bureau.

If you fail to settle the card directly after the filing, you will be paid according to the cash cushion of 3,000 yuan after the cash cushion is paid, and the corresponding materials can be provided in accordance with regulations.


Can I enjoy fertility treatment without employment?


If you participate in the basic medical insurance for employees or participate in urban and rural residents’ medical insurance as a flexible employment, you can have a card to enjoy the fertility and hospitalization medical expenses at a designated medical institution during the treatment period.

Une unemployed women who do not meet medical insurance and other institutions to pay for maternity and medical expenses, the medical insurance for the spouse employee is normal during fertility, and can enjoy the medical expenses of unable to employment spouse fertility and hospitalization. The standard is 3,000 yuan.


When will the fertility treatment applied online and when to get the account?


The review time for the application for fertility treatment online is:

■ Application during the period of 1-15 will not be reviewed on the 25th of that month.

■ Application on the 16th to 31st will not be reviewed on the 15th of the following month.

■ Fertility allowances were issued at the beginning of the following month.

Text: Zuo Ying

Data: Municipal Medical Insurance Bureau

Edit: Jiang Yan He Xin

School pair: Ju Chuanqiang Meng Ying

Editor: Shan Miao

Produced: Mu Jun Gao Zhonghua

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