Destroy the derailment of Dr. Sanguan Women’s marriage during pregnancy, causing amniotic fluid to rupture, and self -exposure of nude photos to help the man movement

At the beginning of the year, the fortune teller said that this year is the "Year of the Peach Blossom". There will be a lot of peach -colored news. I don’t believe it. It hasn’t finished in June. It is a bit difficult to digest after eating one after another.

This time, it was the melon in a foreign study circle.

A doctor who stayed in the United States was derailed during pregnancy by her ex -husband, causing the amniotic fluid to break, and the baby died in 34 weeks.

With the release of official videos, there are even more eye -catching chat records. After watching it, I can only say, "This is the most yellow violent chat history I have seen recently."

Because it not only has a full -screen text, it is full of naked nude photos you come to me. Many close -ups of important parts of girls …

This breaking news is related to the "green hat door" that prevailed in the United States in the past few years. The exposed heroine is one of the parties of the "green hat door". Three years later, the two have already divorced and became strangers.Why did the ex -husband expose the "ugly" of his ex -wife?

Everything was just because the ex -wife couldn’t carry the pressure after being abolished by the "green hat door" incident. She bite the ex -husband on the Internet and slandered the other party as a mother of the mother, and the other party was innocent.

The ex -husband once said that with the death of the child, the two quickly divorced, and he took a long time before he came out. He planned to turn it over, but the ex -wife did not distinguish the red soap and made a rumor. He also claimed that he would pick up the legal weapon to maintain himself to maintain himself.rights and interests.

The move completely angered his ex -husband, and he decided to make the truth, so he had the continuation of the "Green Hat Gate" in China.

I have to say that my ex -wife’s mind is really unsightly.

How can you dare to make a rumor and hurt your ex -husband when he knows that he is derailed during the marriage and kills his child?

Did she think that three years later, did those evidence no longer exist?

It’s ridiculous.

Judging from the chat record exposed by the ex -husband, it was really "a fighter in love", which was fierce in the language, accompanied by the naked nude photos of the heroine and clearly shot by the key parts.

Let us eat melon and understand the shock and heartbreak of the ex -husband at that time.

It is said that the ex -husband was still driving to pick her home, but was rejected.At 10 o’clock that night, the woman did not say anything again after replying to the last news.

Until a few hours later, the ex -husband received a call from the hospital, where he saw the babies who had died and the ex -wife lying on the bed.

At this time, he was still feeling sad for the experience of his children and his wife, but at the same time, a little doubt flashed from her heart, "What kind of important friends are she pregnant with pregnancy?Child? "

As a result, after opening the phone with the fingerprint of his ex -wife, he saw this shocking chat.

The most sad thing in the world is. You are loved each other wholeheartedly and think that the other party is also loved you wholeheartedly, but finds that she has already carried you sneak and eat more.

Besides, what is the critical moment now?There is his child in her belly!

I really do n’t understand. What charm is the man who can make her stealing, so that she can derail if her child is in danger.

Not to mention that a hormone is secreted during pregnancy, reducing X’s desire, why is this ex -wife completely tight?

The video set off a stir on the Internet. Netizens said, "Study abroad is chaotic", and some netizens warn that you do n’t marry a woman who is studying abroad …

The ex -husband felt pitiful and ridiculous, because if it wasn’t for the child’s accident, he might have always believed in him because he loved her, and he would always be covered by the woman.

But now he knows that he has been green as early as 2018.

But then they got married for less than a year.

The reason why it was discovered so late was not that the ex -husband was not insight, but he loved her too deeply, so he always focused on her feelings. I believe she said every sentence.

Since knowing each other in 2017, he has regarded her as the sun in his hand.

He rarely asked about her private affairs. One is that everyone is adults and is in a seller; the other is that I believe she loves herself and will be loyal.

I believe that the two of me used to be sweet, otherwise my ex -husband would not be so painful, which caused it to come out for a long time.

It can only be said that his ex -wife really does not repent.

"Green Hat Gate" is obviously a heroine who is her strength, but now she is overwhelmed and attempts to slander others to wash herself.

The ex -husband was really kind. When he divorced, he felt that his ex -wife himself had been retributed. The child was gone. He thought of the relationship between the two. He chose to break up peacefully without continuing entanglement.

It can be ended here, but this woman does not change her death, and various rumors have been discredited.

This is okay, these unbearable chat records have completely hammered the woman.

She is not only famous in the United States, but also greatly famous in China.

Although there were several pairs of now on the trail, there were also corresponding chat records of exposure, but no one was more crazy and more angry than her and the man.

Unexpectedly, how did this brain read a PhD.

Obviously there is such a high diploma, so good to love her husband, just don’t know how to cherish it!

It hasn’t been over in June. The KPI that derailed this year is about to explode.

I hope that the ex -husband will get rid of the haze as soon as possible, go to the light of the light, and find a woman worthy of his cherished.

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