Determine whether you are pregnant, in addition to the early pregnancy "two bars", there are these methods

Regardless of whether you are preparing for pregnancy or other women who have sex, you must care about your menstrual period.

Our doctors generally recommend that for women with a history of sexual life and menstruation, the menstrual period should be suspected of pregnancy for more than 10 days. If two months are stopped, the possibility of pregnancy is even greater.

There are also some exceptions. The menstrual cycle may be affected by spiritual pressure and medication. It is normal for the five or six weeks to stop menstruation.There are also a few women who come to menstruation once or twice after pregnancy, but they have a small amount and short time. They are called leakage. Everyone pays attention to distinguish.Therefore, after menstruation is delayed, it is necessary to supplement other detection methods to confirm pregnancy.

Changes in the basal body temperature can also be used to judge pregnancy. The basal body temperature of the menstrual cycle is generally low and high, and it will return to the low value before the next menstruation.If the base temperature has been high, it lasts for more than 18 days, it is likely to be pregnant.

Others judge pregnancy through early pregnancy reactions.After nausea, vomiting, drowsiness and other symptoms, I suspected that I was pregnant.This sensitivity is good and it is not easy to miss.But this may be gastrointestinal discomfort or cold, or even pseudo -pregnancy caused by mental stress.Therefore, if these reactions occur, you must use other means to confirm the diagnosis.

Human chorionic gonad hormone testing method, that is, HCG testing, is currently the most advanced pregnancy test.About 6 days of fertilization, HCG entered the blood of the mother and rose rapidly.It can be measured from the serum of the pregnant mother for almost 10 days after fertilization.As a result, more than 5 is considered to be related to pregnancy. More than 10 and double the next day can basically determine early pregnancy pregnancy.If you are pregnant with twins or polybs, the value may be higher.And if there are only 5 to 10, you need to consider embryonic dysplasia or ectopic pregnancy.Remind everyone, there is no need to take a blood test HCG ~

The principle of early pregnancy test strips is HCG in urine testing.Generally, after 14 days in the same room, menstruation is delayed for more than 3 days, and the accuracy rate is higher.If a strap appears in the controlled area and the test area, it means that you are pregnant.The accuracy of early pregnancy test strips is very different. According to the detection time and method, false negative or false positives may occur.Therefore, although this test is convenient and accurate, it cannot be completely trusted.

After 6 weeks of menopause, you can use B -ultrasound. If you see the pregnancy sac in the uterus, it means that you are pregnant, and it is an intrauterine pregnancy.Although the B -ultrasound is more expensive, it is generally more accurate.

Having said so many judgments, it is recommended to be half meters high. After you find that your menstruation is delayed, you first detect the early pregnancy test strip. If you are positive, go to the hospital for blood testing and B -ultrasound diagnosis.If it is negative, it can be tested again in two or three days.If you are really anxious, you can also go to the hospital for blood testing for about 10 days in the same room.

I wish you all your expectant mothers who are pregnant ~

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