Diary of the Clinic: Is it easy to have a miscarriage after uterine adenomy muscles are pregnant?

Basically, it is performed at more than half a week and half a time.A patient was particularly impressed, because of the lesion, the size of the uterus has grown to 6.9*7.5*7cm.Patients once wanted to have a second child and had two test -tube babies. They had a miscarriage in 6 months for the first time. The second time I was in bed was stopped in a few days.Continuously aggravate.

There is no way, this is the case of uterine adenomy muscles. Not only is it difficult to get pregnant, even if you are pregnant, the risk of abortion, premature yield, and dystocia are high.However, the patient’s view of the problem is very rational and decisive. If you are aware of the current situation, if you go to the auxiliary reproduction, the trial and error cost is very high.So to seek adenomy lesions.

During the operation, we observed that her uterus was a right rotation state, and the back wall and rectum of the uterus were adhesive. There was also a chocolate cyst on the right ovary, plus some lesions of the uterine adenomy.

Patients with adenomyosis are not good at first, coupled with her bad uterine environment, it is really difficult to keep the fetus.But here, the patient’s condition is not the high difficulty coefficient. With many years of surgical operation experience and everyone’s tacit cooperation, the overall operation idea and process of this operation are very clear:

We first eliminated the cesarean section of the cesarean section that she originally left, and investigated the tissue of adenomia disease lesions with hard texture and unclear boundaries.The adhesion of the bladder and rectum, and at the same time, the ovarian sac on the right side was stripped, and it also reinforced the shape of the uterine cavity for her.

Before the treatment, I discussed with the patient, and had no plans to have a child, because after the palace surgery, the uterus may need to recover for 1-2 years.She shook her head and said she didn’t consider giving birth to her baby. She cured the disease first, and then planned.

This also reminds everyone that decision -making should be early. Whether it is treatment or baby, there is no harm to make an early plan.

This is the boundary line ——-

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