Different abdominal distension and urine are all kinds of uncomfortable. Congratulations, that is the manifestation of the healthy fetal development!

For pregnant mothers, there will be many symptoms during pregnancy, but it is very uncomfortable no matter which one is.Once some pregnant women are uncomfortable, they will have a burden psychologically, and they are worried that these conditions will affect the fetus in the abdomen.But do not worry about these symptoms during pregnancy, which shows that the fetus is healthy in the abdomen.

1. Back and leg pain

Many expectant mothers have such experiences. During pregnancy, expectant mothers gradually feel back and leg pain, and they will be particularly worried at this time.In fact, this is due to the pressure of the lumbar spine due to the growth of the fetus in the abdomen, causing waist and leg pain.As the fetus grows, this reaction of pregnant women will be strengthened, and psychological preparations must be prepared at this time.

Second, the appetite is not good

In the middle of pregnancy, many expectant mothers appetite, but insufficient nutrition. In fact, this is a normal reaction after pregnancy. After this period of time, the appetite of expectant mothers will become normal.Do not eat puffed or junk food during pregnancy.

Third, chest pain

After pregnancy, the breasts of the pregnant mothers will have pain. We can imagine the uncomfortable feeling. Sometimes this pain will appear for a long time, but in fact this is a very healthy process.Breast pain actually means the baby’s health. At least after the baby is born, breast milk as rations is essential.

Fourth, urine becomes more

The most annoying estimation of pregnant mothers when pregnant is going to the toilet, especially when it is cold, it is just torture.The toilet once an hour, the feeling of going to heaven is wood.However, more urine becomes a good performance, which means that the baby grows up slowly.However, it is worth noting that don’t take urine, otherwise it will be troublesome if there is urinary tract infection.

Fifth, often feel abdominal aphonia

There are two causes of abdominal distension caused by expectant mothers: the increase in appetite of expectant mothers during pregnancy, and the growth of fetal body will expand the waist and abdomen of expectant mothers, and as they are becoming more and more obvious.The information passed to you in the body is: abdominal distension fetus is developing healthy, and the nutrition of the mother and child is well absorbed.

6. The weight of pregnant mothers continues to increase

After pregnancy, the weight of the expectant mothers will increase. During the ten -month pregnancy, the weight will increase to about 10 ~ 15kg.It will look fat. Mother -in -law’s weight will be that the weight of pregnant women’s weight comes from the baby in your belly: placenta, amniotic fluid, and fetal weight.Therefore, as long as the normal weight of medical monitoring increases, the fetus is healthy.

What does pregnant women eat for the fetus:

Folic acid should be supplemented in the first three months of pregnancy, and the baby’s brain is developing well.Eat more lettuce, beans, cashews, nuts, liver, cabbage, orange, banana, etc., because these foods are more folic acid.And because folic acid remains short in the body, the horizontal level will be reduced after a day, so adding folic acid must be taken every day.At the same time, it must be noted that when taking medicinal folic acid tablets, just take it according to the dose. Do not think that the more you take, the better.

4 to eight months of pregnancy should be supplemented with more calcium.Foods such as kelp, soybeans, dairy products, black fungus, fish and shrimp, etc. are rich in calcium, but they are not enough. They also need to take a certain amount of calcium tablets.Of course, don’t eat it after eight months. Too much baby’s head is hard, which is not conducive to childbirth.

In the late pregnancy, the demand for protein in the fetus increased significantly. If the mother’s protein was insufficient, it would affect the growth and development of the fetus.Therefore, it is also very important to add protein. The protein in milk, eggs, meat, fish, and dairy products is completely protein beans (including soybeans, peanuts, etc.), cereals and some vegetables.Eat two types of foods (such as dairy products and vegetables, cereals and meat) can obtain necessary protein nutrition and meet the needs of fetuses and pregnant women.

Best anti -vomiting food:

Morning vomiting is one of the most uncomfortable and more common reactions for pregnant women, bringing considerable pain to pregnant women.Choose a good anti -vomiting effect suitable for pregnant women’s taste.

Nutritionists believe that lemon and potatoes contain a variety of vitamins and are especially suitable for pregnant women.

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