Divorce does not leave home, the woman suddenly becomes pregnant, and he makes a difficult choice under humiliation

Marriage is not only a combination of physical body, but also the fusion of many elements such as personality, concepts, and living habits.The latter is the essence of the common life of husband and wife.

Love is easy to get along with each other, this view refuses to refute!

If you do n’t agree with the three views, you do n’t want such a marriage.


After half a year of online dating, the woman came, and the two combined.

After marriage, the woman’s paranoia, waywardness, stingy, narrowly exposed.

And the man, gentle, kind, diligent.Fault is to do things slowly, chronic, but practical.

The woman is often furious because of small things, loses her temper, and is reluctant.The man was very busy at work, and he had no time to accompany her at all.Although the man’s income is not low, there are even a large amount of money to the woman. The woman is old -fashioned in terms of money, and even buying New Year’s goods for the Chinese New Year.And she would not squeak to give her parents a festival for the New Year.

Sometimes the man’s salary was paid on the day of the woman to pay 10,000 yuan to the family account. The next day, she could make new things and become furious, without considering the man’s feelings at all.

The man often travels on a business trip, and the woman is complaining. Before the person gets in the car, let him come back earlier and order.After the child is born, he often says that his father is not in front of the child.

In particular, the woman disrespects the male parents.For example, in the New Year, both men and women agreed to go to the other party’s house every other year.To the woman’s house, the man’s words obeyed, even if the father -in -law’s house was worn again, the conditions were not good, and he didn’t say anything.And the woman, when the man’s house was celebrated in the New Year, he always murmured his family toilet in the city.The third year of the new year was noisy to leave.In fact, the man’s family coaxed her bodhisattva, so as not to let her do things, and also followed her.She just thinks it is not good and bad.Even regardless of the feelings of the father -in -law, I picked up the air back …

There are too many such things.The man is tired!Although he is kind and gentle, once he exceeds the bottom line, he starts.She played and played 110 times.The police came, and even the beads said that the man was not.

In the end, she sued the man to court and asked for a divorce.Also moved out.Later, the court was not separated.She moved back, stopped for half a year, and once again sued the divorce.

In fact, the woman, like the man, graduated from a famous school undergraduate, but after graduation, the woman did not find the work in the system and worked around.She always feels that heaven is unfair to herself.She also complained that her native family had no culture, and they did not create a good environment for her.


Her paranoia and stubbornness caused a headache for the man, and helplessly, in July 2020, she divorced the child agreement.But the two agreed to divorce home, just separated, for children.

After the divorce, the woman often went out in the middle of the night and did not know what to do.The man thought, it seemed that she really wanted to be free and lived for herself.Although she was worried about her, she was divorced and could not control her life.

Half a year after the divorce, the woman suddenly went home late at night on New Year’s Day.The man feels strange.At 10 am, she suddenly received a call from her, saying that she was pregnant and others.I just performed an abortion surgery, but the man disappeared!She hid in the hotel to raise her body, but no one was taking care of it. Her parents and sisters were far away.The pain of her body and the pain of her soul made her have to call her ex -husband.

She is so pitiful!The house I bought before the divorce belongs to the man. The woman said many times that I have no house. I have no meals, and you can collect me.The man remembered her situation at this moment.After all, it was the child’s mother, and she did not expect that she couldn’t help loneliness for half a year of divorce and mixed with other ghosts.Now they do n’t recognize their pants. Although deserved, they ca n’t ignore it as a child. Although this is ashamed to him -after divorce, he has always wanted to deal with the two sides for a period of time.Maybe he can communicate quickly, remarry, and give your children a complete family.

In this stall, the man made a difficult choice to let the child’s mother go home and take care of her.Although he was humiliated, he had to do so for his children.He couldn’t help but be reliable after he had a miscarriage!

After the woman returned home, the man stewed chicken every day and the roast fish supplemented her, but she had never been willing to approach her, and felt that she was dirty.In the darkness, the woman said what happened between Xu’s man, and the man’s patience heard it, and he couldn’t wait to hit her.However, he can’t take advantage of the danger of people. After all, she is the mother of the child.He subconsciously hopes that she can realize what she can realize after this loss.

The woman said: "Can you hug me?"

The man was disgusting, and he was not steel, and he barely hugged for a day.On the same day, he wrote four words in the circle of friends: never forgive!Friends ask what happened?He did not explain, and knocked his teeth and swallowed his stomach.


After the recovery, the woman said "cooperation" and started a training school to start a business.At this time, the men’s suspension of salary and staying in the training class has been at home, and he also wants to integrate the relationship with his ex -wife.The training school was decorated after one month.However, things are not so smooth.Women’s paranoia, anxious eyes, narrow, and the nature of people’s mouthlessness is exposed again, and it is not good to keep stabbing.Once a man pressed the screens of the training class on the door, others praised him that he had a strong ability to do, and the woman snorted aside: "He …"Very unhappy, how could he look down on "husband" in front of outsiders?

In the Spring Festival of 2021, under the begging of the man, in order to hide the children and parents, and because of the epidemic, she could not return to her hometown thousands of miles away, and she promised to celebrate the Chinese New Year.In those days, she performed very well, but by the fourth day of the new year, she noisy to return to cities 50 kilometers away. Regardless of the male parents’ repeated retaining, picking up the bag and leaving. The male parents were very strange.But I did not think that they divorced half a year ago …

Since then, the two have continued contradictions. Although men have continued to let each other, women’s nature cannot be changed.She doesn’t know where to come from such a big grievance … It’s really a thin heart than heaven!

In August, under the pressure of the "dual reduction" policy, the training school was suspended. Although there was no loss, the "three views inaccurate" generated by the two was exposed again.Men are so tired!This kind of warm -hearted family life continues to see it for children.They have to work hard to let their children feel the love of their parents!Love children, this is the bottom line of the two of them. In addition, it seems that the other person’s life has nothing to do with himself.Divorce’s life does not bring substantial changes to the relationship between the other party.

How long will this life last?Intersection

It seems that the three views are unsuitable, no matter how hard work, it can’t change anything.It’s better to separate early!

“What is the most embarrassing thing you have ever happened?”

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