Do not take the insomnia for insomnia to eat soothe Chinese medicine or stability!It will cause babies to risk tears

The topic brought to you today is: When pregnant women ca n’t sleep insomnia, can I drink soothe my brain fluid, can I eat stability?First look at the video interpretation of Jin Rui, a pharmacist at Beijing Century Hospital affiliated to the Capital Medical University:

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First of all, there are some Chinese medicines that can be selected for Chinese medicine, and some Chinese medicines cannot be selected.Which Chinese medicines can be selected?

The soothing Chinese medicine without poisonous ingredients and soothe Chinese medicine with less composition can be selected, such as soothe brain liquid.However, there are some Chinese medicines that are soothed. It is not recommended that you choose it, such as soothe the brain fluid, such as cinnabarian pills, such as Baizi Yangxin Pill.

First of all, look at Shen Shen’s brain fluid. It is not recommended to choose from. The reason is that some of them are traditional Chinese medicines with strong kidney yang, such as velvet antler, such as epeomeom, such as kinky 淫, such as hot kidney yang Chinese medicine.It may affect the level of hormone during pregnancy, and it may also cause pregnant women to appear on fire.Therefore, some of these traditional Chinese medicines are not recommended to choose them by themselves.

Second, some Chinese medicines such as cinnabar Anxian pills and Baizi Yangxin Pills, because it contains a toxic Chinese medicine, cinnabar, which is a kind of toxic Chinese medicine, may cause abnormal development of the baby, so it is not recommendedYou choose some of these Chinese medicines by yourself.

Therefore, everyone must have a consciousness. Among all the Chinese medicines that can not sleep well, some are used by pregnant women, such as soothe brain liquid, and others are not recommended to choose from, Masahamna, Shinanaman, and Baizi Yangxin Pill.

In addition, there are some western medicines that treat insomnia, such as the west of the ground, the chlorolgia, and it is not recommended to choose it.The reason is simple, and such drugs will also have the risk of terators.Judging from the current information, if pregnant women take such drugs, it may cause abnormal development of the baby’s central nervous system.

Therefore, you must not take the drug of soothe. You need to go to the hospital for medical treatment, and ask your doctor to diagnose and treat.

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