Do n’t do it easily if you do n’t hurt even if you do n’t pain

The girl of the little Tang sat opposite me, a snot and tears that it was 7 weeks of pregnancy. Because of family reasons, she couldn’t leave this child. So when did you choose to do painless abortion?

Do n’t cry. If you decide to give up this child for various reasons, and choose to do painless abortion, then the surgery should be performed within 7-9 weeks of pregnancy. Before the painless abortion surgery, the corresponding gynecological department must be done well.Examination (leucorrhea routine) and urinary pregnancy experiments, B -ultrasound examination to determine whether the bed is infected with the size of the intrauterine pregnancy, the size of the pregnancy sac, and the vaginal infection.Avoid sexual life within three days before the operation.If there are vaginitis and cold, etc.At the same time, it is necessary to check the blood routine, the occurrence of coagulation and the infection of sexually transmitted diseases.

Because painlessness is anesthesia, it needs an empty stomach in the morning on the morning of the operation. Do not drink even water. It takes about 4 hours to perform surgery after drinking water. After breakfast, it takes 4–6 hours to perform surgery.

When you arrive at the hospital, you can realize the possible conception time and the previous history of pregnancy. If you have a history of allergies or drug allergies, if you need a contraceptive ring after surgery, you must also inform the doctor in advance.

Once a painless abortion is decided, in addition to B -ultrasound examination and urine pregnancy experiments, routine examinations such as electrocardiogram and hematuria need to be performed.

At the same time, it is best to be accompanied by relatives. Take a bath and change clothes the day before the operation, change the clean underwear. Before the abortion, you should wear loose pants as much as possible to prepare sanitary napkins and toilet paper; relax your mood and not nervous.

What should I pay attention to after surgery?

Take a 2 hours after surgery. Do n’t get up immediately because it is anesthesia. Take a bed in the hospital for 2 hours to observe the shrinkage of the uterus and vaginal bleeding.If there are abnormalities, please ask the doctor to check and deal with it in time.

After abortion, the body’s resistance decreases, and personal hygiene should be paid more.As the endometrium leaves the wound and the vaginal secretion increases, it is easy to become a breeding ground for bacterial infections and breeding.Therefore, pay special attention to the cleanliness of the vulva, clean the vulva in time, avoid pots in two weeks, and change the underwear frequently; the same room should be prohibited within two weeks to prevent bacterial infections.These are important measures to prevent gynecological diseases such as endometritis, tubulitis, pelvic inflammatory disease.

After surgery, you should also pay attention to the condition of the vaginal secretion. Generally, there will be red and light red secretions within a week. The amount is from to less, no obvious odor.If there is still bleeding or more secretions after a week, especially the secretions have odor and accompanied by fever, abdominal pain and other symptoms, you should consider the presence of infection or residues in the uterus. You should go to the hospital for examination and treatment in time., So as not to worsen the condition.

After two weeks of rest for two weeks after surgery, avoid heavy physical labor during the rest period, you can take new biochemical particles or motherwort granules, strengthen nutritional intake, eat more protein, high vitamin food, and eat more vegetables and fruits at the same time.Partial eclipse, promote physical rehabilitation.

Finally remind you that you should pay attention to contraception to avoid re -conception and flow.If you want a child again, you should get pregnant after three months.

Painless people have a great harm to women. Be sure to take care of yourself, even if you don’t pain, don’t do it easily!

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